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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 270: LET ME SHOW YOU WHAT ACTING IS

Mu Lan had an urge to punch and kick Mu Feng for his childish behavior in the office right in front of the secretary. She opened her mouth to say something and at that very moment, the door to the President's office opened wide and Mu Liang came out.Mu Liang's eyes at first went to where Mu Lan was and instantly his eyes caught the unimaginable scene. His eyes turned excessively cold as he silently looked at Mu Feng.Mu Feng could guess that his elder brother was drinking vinegar. He immediately let go of Mu Lan's thigh and stood up. Then he told her, "Sister Lan Lan, you cannot be unhappy over your one and only brother. I've got just one sister and I don't want her to be upset with me. Please don't make me grab your leg anymore. I might be younger than you but then, I too have my self-respect you know."'Huh?'Mu Lan was left utterly speechless on seeing Mu Feng's sudden change and shamelessness. 'Is it my fault now? How?' She couldn't describe what she was feeling.He totally shoved his crime on her shoulders without even blinking his eyes.Mu Lan frowned and wanted to ask how it was her fault but from the corner of her eyes, she saw Mu Liang walking towards them. Everything became clear to her.'So, now that your brother came, you are acting all goody-goody two right down to your shoes? Very well. Now let me show you what acting is.' Mu Lan bit her lower lip."Brother Feng, I never told you to hug me. In fact, I never told you to touch me. The beautiful secretary beside me is our witness. You already have a girlfriend, yet you touch your own elder brother's fiance? You should be ashamed of yourself for being so horny. I don't want my most handsome, most wonderful would-be-husband to misunderstand me." Mu Lan said all of that in a single breath.The secretary was pleased as she heard Mu Lan calling her a 'beautiful secretary' and Mu Liang was in heaven when he heard 'my most handsome, most wonderful would be-husband'. So both of them took Mu Lan's side and glanced at Mu Feng with an accused look.Mu Feng had no time to refute. Before he could say anything else, Mu Liang came to them and curtly said, "Mu Feng, come with me. I have something to 'discuss' with you.""No!" Mu Feng gave his older brother an immediate reply. He shrank behind Mu Lan. His knew his elder brother very well. Mu Liang would use Mu Feng's full name only when he was angry with him. Also, when he said that he had something to 'discuss' Mu Feng had a pretty good idea what Mu Liang's 'discussion' would be about. However, he had no interest in it whatsoever.Mu Liang narrowed his eyes and asked, "You don't want to?" His voice was threatening.Mu Feng wanted to flee, but didn't want to lose his face in front of the two beautiful women. He reluctantly said, "Fine, let's go."The two brothers walked towards Mu Liang's room.Fifteen minutes later-"Big brother, big brother, I beg you to please stop. I can't take it anymore. It's tasteless and bitter." Mu Feng complained again and again.However, Mu Liang didn't pay any heed to his pleadings. He only said, "Next." And his secretary obeyed him and gave Mu Feng another glass of black coffee.Mu Feng was in a yogic 'handstand' position and in front of his head, there was a mug full of black coffee with a straw which a sweet-tooth like him hated so much. Mu Feng counted that he had already drunk six glass of black coffee in fifteen minutes. After Mu Feng finished the next fourteen glasses of black coffee, he was released from his punishment. He immediately ran away from there straight to the washroom.

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