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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 27: FOOD TURNED COLD


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As soon as she touched the ground she lost footing. With the close proximity with him, it didn't help her a bit as her legs were still numb.

She collided against Mu Liang.

Mu Lan almost fell to the ground but Mu Liang couldn't grip her tightly afraid that she would be hurt. So he hurriedly used his left hand to catch her waist.

Everything happened so fast and though Mu Liang was prepared, he wasn't prepared well.

When Mu Lan's dizziness went away she caught something was crawling on her skin. She wanted to jump but before she did that, she looked at her waist in right side and saw Mu Liang's warm left hand actually 'accidentally' slipped inside her shirt. Now his left hand was touching her bare skin.

! ! ! ! ! !

Mu Lan's heart jumped by the sudden proximity. The hug some moments ago was a clear shock was her but now what she was experiencing was not just a small shock. It was a shock wave.

She couldn't comprehend what she was supposed to do. Such an embarrassing moment. And moreover, the time was betraying too. Every millisecond felt like eternity.

In contrast, what Mu Liang felt, that was an indescribable feeling.

The man who was longing for such beauty's touch for more than two years and suddenly got to touch her bare skin 'accidentally', it was a pure thrill to him.

He started to feel something was boiling inside his body. His blood circulation was flowing in the opposite direction. His left hand stated burning and fire inside his heart lit up.

The intensity was too much for him who was being a monk all these months waiting to taste her. He felt his arousal couldn't take it anymore.

On the contrary, Mu Lan felt something poke her pelvic. She didn't understand what it was, not until she looked though. Sudden intensity was too much to bear.

She trembled vigorously and tried to push away Mu Liang.

Mu Liang had almost lost his rationality and that moment Mu Lan pushed him. Before he could grasp the situation in his head, both of his hand seize her and crashed her against his body. His left hand went upward to her abdominal.

Mu Lan almost jumped and trembled by the warm touch. She wanted to move away but Mu Liang hold her closely.

Both of them were breathing heavily. Mu Lan's face turned into multiple shades red and her eyes became misty. Her mind was already blank.

With hazy eyes she looked at Mu Liang whose face was almost touching hers. They were close enough to feel each other's breath o their faces. With blurry view, she could see fire in his eyes. It was a fire of passion which could devour her whole.

As Mu Liang was swallowing her with his passionate eyes, they hard a polite knock on the door. The sound of the knock was mild but it made a huge impact between the two who where inside the study room.

"Young master, young mistress the foods turned col..." Butler Leo couldn't finish his sentence. For the first time in his life he choked on his own saliva.

It was his long time habit to knock first than enter. Never in his life, had Mu Liang or any other said anything to him. But finally, today for the first time in his life he regretted.

He saw his young master was grasping young mistress and their clothes were disheveled. Furthermore, young master's left hand.....

Head Butler turned red. Just two seconds glance his experienced eyes grasped everything. Not to mention young mistress's white tiny curvy waist.....

"I-I apologize you master, young mistress. P-please carry on!" Flustered Butler bowed three times in a second then hurriedly left.

'Carry on? How can you tell us to carry on when our mood is gone?' Mu Liang gritted his teeth.

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