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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 268: I WILL STAY WITH HER

Instantly, Louise's bright smile vanished from her face and her face ashened. "Wh-what are you saying?" Her voice quivered and she stuttered no matter how much she tried to control her fear.Mu Feng's eyes softened. He said in a friendly tone, "If someone tried to harm you, why didn't you ask me or Long for help? We are your only friends. You could just ask us and we would do everything in our might to protect you." "W-what do you know?" Louise couldn't help but shudder."I captured Ruddy today and he confessed everything." Mu Feng didn't disclose everything because he thought Louise was still unaware about his true identity.Louise was about to faint. "What did he say?" She couldn't look at Mu Feng's eyes anymore.Mu Feng put his right hand on her left shoulder and patted her in a friendly way. He said, "Don't worry about it anymore. He can't do anything to you again. Take care of yourself." Then he got up to leave. Immediately Louise caught Mu Feng's hand and said, "Don't go Feng. I'm scared."Mu Feng glanced down at her and sighed. Then he took his hand away from her.It shocked Louise beyond comparison. She couldn't believe that Mu Feng would let her be alone at such a crucial time."Feng!" She screamed."I'll ask Long to stay with you." Mu Feng took out his cell phone and dialed a number.Louise jumped up and tried to snatch away Mu Feng's cell phone, but Mu Feng dodged."Don't call him. I don't need him. I only need you." Louise screamed again. Tears fell from her eyes, messing up her eyeliner.Mu Feng's eyes slightly turned cold. He calmly said, "There are some things that a friend can do and cannot do. Moreover, I have a girlfriend whom I love dearly. I can't just be nice to anyone.""I don't care." Louise's scream became louder. Her eyes were filled with jealousy."But I care." Mu Feng was still calm. He knew her feelings for him from long ago. However, he always kept certain distance from her. He also knew Ju Long's feelings for her and Mu Feng tried to pair them. But Louise failed to see her friend's intention. And now, Mu Feng was dissatisfied with his failed attempt to unite them.Louise was in a rage. "Why are you so attached to her? She has nothing. She is penniless. She only knows how to seduce rich men. Who knows how many men she seduced before she caught y-"Slap!Mu Feng's hand flew on her beautiful cheek in a reflex. Louise felt a sharp pain before she fell on the floor. She put a hand on her left cheek which was now hurting. A trail of blood ran down her face and soaked her hand and shirt. She blinked a few times. Her eyes were blank. She couldn't fully comprehend what just happened. "I treat you as my friend. You have no right to judge on who or how I date. I'm letting you off the hook this time. But this is the last time. Next time, if you do something to anyone for my sake, I will turn into your biggest enemy. And I won't let you go. Take this as a friendly warning." Mu Feng's eyes were chilling cold and his voice was cool and distant. After Mu Feng left, Louise was still sitting on the floor.When Mu Feng was about to leave the building, Ju Long and he met at the entrance.They looked at each other and Ju Long said, "Thank you for letting her go.""This should be the last time." Mu Feng calmly said. His usual self was back."I understand. I'll stay with her." Ju Long said.

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