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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 267: I WON'T LET YOU OFF

"Get the hell away from my sister." Mu Feng's cold voice sent chills down Ruddy's spine. He immediately let go of Mu Lan and Hugo handcuffed him.Mu Lan walked towards Mu Feng in a relaxed manner."Sister Lan Lan, did that ba**ard do anything to you? Are you hurt anywhere?" Mu Feng was too worried.Mu Lan smiled and said, "I'm fine, brother Feng."Mu Feng carefully glanced over her and saw nothing unusual. Then he sighed in relief and said, "You have no idea how I felt when I got your text to track you."After Mu Lan hung up Hugo's call, she had sent him a text, 'TRACK ME! NOW!'. Hugo instantly notified Mu Feng about her message. So he had no other option but to take the helicopter close to Mu Lan's location. He also took his team along with him to hunt down the gangsters.Mu Lan smiled again. She took out her cell phone and sent an email to Mu Feng. Mu Feng's cell phone chimed. He looked at the screen and found out that Mu Lan had sent him an email with an attachment, an audio message."Ruddy has blackmailed Louise to help him get rid of me. Don't be harsh on her. By the way, seize his mobile. I guess you will get some valuable information." Mu Lan calmly said.Mu Feng's face darkened. He nodded and told Hugo, "Take everyone back to the base three and leave the boy of the Donne Family to me."Hugo nodded and took Ruddy to the cargo. Ruddy looked at Mu Lan with his red eyes before going. He hissed, "I won't let you off."Mu Feng's face became as vicious as a snake. He hissed back, "If you live until then."Hugo ruthlessly pulled Ruddy to the cargo.After they left, Mu Feng looked at Mu Lan and said with a smile, "Sister Lan Lan, let's go home." He came back to his usual self. His previous cold look was gone.Mu Lan was taken aback. She protested, "Wait a second. Why will I go back home? I have my exams and I live in the dormitory now."Mu Feng kept smiling and said, "I told Hugo to inform big brother as well. Big brother told us to bring you back home. As long as your enemies are out there, we have to ensure your safety."Mu Lan's lips trembled but she couldn't reply. She knew that they were worried about her safety but she didn't want to go back.In the end, Mu Lan agreed. She sullenly said, "Fine. Just take me to my dorm first. I need to take my notes from my room."Mu Feng laughed and said, "Sure, Sure, Your Highness." He bowed.------Louise Fontaine was at her workplace. She was preparing a plan for Lu Feng's house. That time, someone knocked on the door."Come in." Louise said with a busy tone.The door opened and someone entered the room. Louise was too busy to glance."Are you busy?" The person said calmly.Hearing a familiar voice, Louise's heart leaped with joy."Feng! How come you are here?" Louise smiled brightly. She immediately walked towards him.Mu Feng looked at her shiny face and asked, "Why? Can't I come to you without a reason?"Louise pulled him to the sofa and they sat together. She replied, "That's not it. I am very happy to see you. Tell me, what do you want to eat?""Nothing. I just want to know something from you." Mu Feng said calmly.Louise asked, "What is it?" She didn't notice Mu Feng's unusual vibe."Do you know a man called Ruddy Donne?" Mu Feng questioned.

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