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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 266: I'M NOT HIS FIANCEE

Mu Lan wanted to laugh. 'So, he doesn't want to take revenge for his sister, but for himself. What a family!'"Now I will **** you first and then I will kill you, but very slowly." Ruddy took another step towards her. His eyes were filled with lust and rage.Mu Lan knew that Ruddy was dying to kill her, but she needed to get some information. She saidasked, "Why did Louise join you? She could harm me without your help, right?""That useless piece of trash can't do anything without someone else's help." Ruddy snorted."So, she didn't do anything in the past, that's what she said to you? Someone tried to harm me before because of my relationship with Mu Family. I clearly can tell it was her." Mu Lan said."Nothing that sort of happened in the past. If she did that, I would know. I'm tailing her for a long time." Ruddy smirked.'That means that the one who was trying to break brother Feng and Xiao Ying wasn't Louise. Xue Ling is right.' Mu Lan thought. Then she asked, "Why are you stalking Louise? Do you like her?"Ruddy laughed loudly. "You got it right. I like her. She got a good body." He licked his lips.Mu Lan asked, "You were together, didn't you?""She was drunk and I had fun." Ruddy said with a smile.Mu Lan wanted to slap the man in front of her. She hated those men who would take advantage of weak women.Everything became crystal clear to her. She realized that if Louise was a scared-cat, then Ruddy must have blackmailed her. Mu Lan felt bad for her.Ruddy came closer and cornered Mu Lan. He licked his lips and said, "Now it's your turn. Let's have some fun.""So, you are going to do this to me because I'm related to Mu Family, don't you?" Mu Lan calmly asked. She was getting excited."I don't care if it is Mu Feng or any other rich guys, I like beautiful women like you." Ruddy smirked as he caressed Mu Lan's left cheek with his right hand.Immediately Mu Lan caught his disobedient hand with her left hand. Her engagement ring glinted in the light.A wicked smile spread on Ruddy's face. "Looks like you are already engaged. I want to see Mu Feng's face when he will see his fiance's dead body."Mu Lan wasn't nervous at all. She calmly said, "You are wrong."Ruddy asked joyously, "Am I?""I'm not Mu Feng's fiance." Mu Lan replied."Sister Lan!" a very familiar voice screamed from the corner street. Several footsteps could be heard. In a minute, a group of men in black uniform surrounded the whole gang.Ruddy was startled. He looked around and asked angrily, "What the hell is this?""I'm Mu Liang's fiance." Mu Lan said with a smile.Blood drained from Ruddy's face.Just like all other people, Ruddy also didn't know about Mu Feng's true identity. However, all of the business world knew about the legendary name 'Mu Liang'. Ruddy was from a business family, of course, he knew how powerful Mu Liang was.Ruddy thought that Mu Feng who was known to be a playboy might have many girlfriends, so he wouldn't mind if something was to happen to Mu Lan. So, he dared to plot against her and wanted to kill her after having some fun. They would throw the dead body in front of a nightclub and nobody would find out anything.However, Mu Lan wasn't who he thought she was. She was the fiance of the legendary businessman.Now how could he dare to lay a hand on her?

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