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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 262: HIS GIRLFRIEND IS IN DANGER

For the next seven days of Mu Lan's leave, Mu Liang suddenly became the most gentleman in the world. He gave Mu Lan lots of space. He would go to work as usual and then come back home in the evening like a dutiful husband. He would only hug her when they slept and nothing else.Even then Mu Lan was still on alert whenever he was closeby. She didn't want to lose her focus from her studies because she had just two weeks remaining for her exams to begin.Mu Liang's focus was only to ensure that she studied well and maintained a balanced diet. He made sure she ate lots of nutritious food and took all of her medicines regularly. Under Mu Liang's care Mu Lan's health gradually improved and she even got back her strength. Even Lu Feng would come and check her health periodically. He would prescribe more of calcium tablets making Mu Lan curse him in her mind.Soon, seven days of her holidays ended and Mu Lan went back to the campus and finally got back her freedom. However, something unexpected happened after she went back.It was three days since Mu Lan came back to the campus. It was already December and the weather was colder than expected.The freezing cold made Mu Lan shudder. She tightened the muffler around her neck and walked fast. She held her mobile in her right hand. With the navigation application, she was searching for a bookshop.Mu Lan heard that there was an antique shop with lots of ancient books a little far away from the campus. Mu Lan got curious and wanted to look for the shop.This place was unknown to her and there were very few people around here. Even the buildings looked old and the streets were not taken care by the locals. This morning, she asked Hugo to to go with her. But he refused to accompany her because he got a call from Mu Feng to attend to some important matters. Mu Lan's friends too had classes to attend. Hence Mu Lan ended up going alone.Mu Lan was about to get back feeling uneasy, just then, she saw the antique shop. Mu Lan was relieved and went inside the room.Mu Lan took some books written in ancient Greek. She took it to the counter and just then, she saw an old binocular. It was cool. Looking at the binocular, Mu Lan thought of Mu Feng who had a collection of many binoculars. She had already bought gifts for everyone and seeing this binocular, Mu Lan felt that she could give it to Mu Feng as a Christmas gift.She had already ordered to wrap the other gifts and send them to the respective persons according to their addresses. So this time, she added her name on the sender's column. She then filled in Feng's name, cell phone number and Mu Mansion's address on the receiver's column on the wrapped gift and asked the old man behind the counter to send the gift on the night before Christmas.The old man took the wrapped box of binocular and in the next instant Mu Lan's cell phone chimed. She hurriedly looked at the screen and her whole body froze. It was a text from Qi Ying. She wrote, 'I'm in 'xx' road. Please help.'Mu Lan immediately called the number, however, no one answered.Mu Lan was worried. 'Is it a prank text? But how can it be?' She wondered and was doubtful at the same time. 'Could it be that somebody had stolen Qi Ying's phone?' She instantly discarded that thought since nothing could be stolen from their campus. After biting her lips for a while, Mu Lan made a decision. She looked at the old man in the reception and asked, "On the gift, there is an address and number right?" She pointed out to the gift and requested, "Please call on this number and tell the receiver that his girlfriend is in danger."

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