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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 261: DON'T MAKE ME SUFFER ANYMORE

[Warning. Requesting under 18 to read after 'xxxxxx' mark]The moment Mu Lan's hand touched something hard and rigid, she was jolted awake. Her head was still dizzy and she was totally powerless now. Yet she struggled to take her hands back. It wasn't because she was disgusted, it was because she was embarrassed. After all, the light was still turned on.Mu Liang shuddered as he made her touch him. He groaned and panted irregularly. His eyes became lusty as he gazed at the woman in his embrace.Realizing that Mu Lan was shaking and her face showed a clear hesitation and shyness, Mu Liang said with a husky voice, "Darling, don't make me suffer anymore."Mu Lan's entire body shook at Mu Liang's deep, husky voice. She opened her mouth to oppose him but Mu Liang instantly sealed her lips with a passionate kiss, holding back Mu Lan from refusing him.On his first time, Mu Liang came earlier than he expected. Mu Lan was so nervous that she grabbed him tightly, making him orgasm faster. So, he gave her light kisses to relax her body and showed her how to do it. In the end, with Mu Lan's mouth work, he relieved himself.Mu Liang looked at his beloved with satisfaction. His eyes were calm and majestic. On the other hand Mu Lan's body was totally numb. She didn't have a single ounce of strength left. Mu Liang was relieved to notice that Mu Lan didn't lose her consciousness this time. She was improving quite well. He leaned down to kiss her forehead tenderly and said, "Go to sleep. I will quickly clean your body." He made her lie down. Then he went to the bathroom.Mu Liang soaked a towel in hot water and came back to clean her up. Mu Lan's body was filled with sweat, Mu Liang's saliva and other fluids. After cleaning her, Mu Liang helped her wear a nightgown. Then he went to the bathroom to take bath. After that, he went to the bed, took his beloved woman in his arms and fell asleep.XXX XXX XXXMu Liang woke up earlier than Mu Lan and glanced at her sleeping face. Mu Lan was soundly asleep and her breathing was regular. He checked her temperature and it was warm. He sighed in relief.Mu Liang got up and changed his clothes. Then he went for his morning walk and came back after an hour. He saw that Mu Lan was still fast asleep. He didn't want to wake her. He directly went to the bathroom for a morning bath. Then he took some documents and sat on the bed and started working.A few minutes later, Butler Leo came with a bag full of Mu Lan's books, notes and laptop. He arranged them on Mu Lan's study table and told Mu Liang that the breakfast was ready.Mu Liang looked at the clock. It was already eight in the morning. Mu Liang then rubbed Mu Lan's head gently. It made Mu Lan's eyes to flutter. Soon, she opened her eyes.She looked at Mu Liang with her sleepy eyes and rubbed them lightly with her hands. Seeing her innocent face, Mu Liang felt like flowers bloomed with all its glory around him.Mu Liang leaned closer to her and said, "Good morning, Lan. Did you enjoy last night?" With his tender voice and gentle expression, he just said some lewd words to Mu Lan at first in the morning.His teasing tone woke up Mu Lan instantly. Her face became bright red. She looked down at her body and sighed in relief. At least, she was wearing a gown this time. Then, she covered her face with the quilt and didn't want to see his face.'Even if I enjoy it, I will never tell him.' Mu Lan thought.

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