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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 26: TORTURE TO MY SOUL

Mu Liang was astonished by his own discovery.

'Is she feeling what I'm feeling?'

He felt his ears turning hot and his heart was about to explode. However he had to let Mu Lan go out of his embrace when he felt his certain part was rising.

He carefully looked at her face, then smiled with full of affection.

Her adorable face turned beat red and she was quietly sitting in his embrace. But her eyes were full of complains.

Before letting her go Mu Liang bent down his face and lightly kissed the crown of her head. It was light enough not to let her understand what just he did. Then he took her smell one last time and let go.

The whole conversation that was happening few moments ago was long forgotten.

"We should head back for lunch." After saying his line he stood up and as he was about to go he stopped and looked at unmoved Mu Lan.

With question in his eyes he looked at her and she complained in a mild voice, "I-I can't move my legs."

Mu Liang quickly got close to her and lowered himself to examine her legs. As he touched her legs, her legs trembled slightly.

"Do-don't touch my legs." Mu Lan forced herself to make her voice loud but it was in vein.

Mu Liang looked more puzzled. "If I don't then how would I understand what's wrong with your legs?" He asked helplessly.

Mu Lan slightly glare at him. "It's entirely your fault." She gritted her teeth and screamed inside.

'If it wasn't for you hugging me so tightly it would never happen! Who told to be so handsome? Can't you eat less? And what's with me getting excited like a teenager? Can't my heart control a little? I definitely had no boyfriend in the past. If I had then I would never react this was when he was just simply hugging. Yes, that's right! It's just a hug! And I'm feeling hot all over!'

All she could scream inside but couldn't utter a single sound as her lips trembled.

It wasn't like she hated his touch or unhappy about it. She was angry about not controlling over her emotion.

Mu Liang finally understood that as well. And he also learnt a new thing about her. Though she had a good IQ, her EQ, on the other hand, was low.

'Was I that extreme?' He looked at her lovely face with amusement in his eyes. He felt rather delighted, quite opposite of what her reaction.

"Your face is deep red." He commented teasingly.

Embarrassed Mu Lan's eyes started to wet with tears.

Seeing her tears welling up in her eyes Mu Liang didn't dare to do anything else. He gently took her in his arms, held her close and started walking toward the door.

But Mu Lan started to squirm in his arms.

"I-I c-can walk. Please let go." Mu Lan stammered. She wanted to bury her head in the ground.

'Seriously, this is a torture to my soul.' How could she let him take her just like that in front of the servants and the university dean?

Mu Liang didn't want to let her go but seeing her troubled face he reluctantly let her down but still carefully touching gripped both side of her arms.

As soon as she touched the ground she lost footing. With the close proximity with him, it didn't help her a bit as her legs were still numb.

She collided against Mu Liang.


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