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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 259: I ACCEPT YOU APOLOGY, BUT.....

Mu Liang kissed Mu Lan deeply leaving her no room to escape. His tongue invaded inside her mouth and tangled with her soft warm tongue, making her shiver.Mu Lan trembled because of such an intense kiss. His warmth spread all over her body and it started to go numb as Mu Liang played with her tongue.Just when, Mu Liang felt like she was going to lose her conscious, Mu Liang pulled out his tongue and lightly kissed her lips, multiple times.Later on, Mu Liang looked at his now all-reddish Mu Lan who tried to catch up her breathing. He gently wiped her wet lips making her whimper under his touch. He took her in his embrace and patted her to calm down. Then he started to take off her clothes.Mu Lan, who was feeling dizzy, noticed that her body was slightly cold because of the cold wind. Instantly, she got alert and found out that Mu Liang took off her t-shirt. Mu Lan immediately shrank back and tried to cover her bosom using her hands. "Wh-what are you doing?" She asked nervously.Mu Liang replied, "We are going to bath." He said it like as if it was as normal as the sun rising in the east.Mu Lan shook her head and said, "I don't want to."Mu Liang looked at her deeply and said, "Lan, do you want to sleep with me without taking bath? I have no objection. I would love to smell your sweat. I know how tasty your sweat is." His voice was hoarse making Mu Lan shiver and shy at the same time.Mu Lan promptly said, "I want to go to the dorm."Mu Liang swiftly took off her boots and came over her body. "I already told you that I've given your leave application for a week in advance to your dormitory manager. You can't go back now."Mu Lan's jaw dropped. 'So, I am trapped.' She thought. Then she made a pitiful expression and asked, "Didn't I ask for an apology? I said, I am sorry and I also promised that this won't happen ever again."Mu Liang calmly said, "I accepted your apology." Mu Lan's eyes brightened up. She started saying, "Then-""But you have to be punished for your crime." Mu Liang interrupted her."But. But you just punished me!" Mu Lan exclaimed.Mu Liang feigned ignorance and asked her, "When did I punish you?"Mu Lan stuttered at his shamelessness. "You.. you just. did that." She couldn't utter the word 'kiss'.Mu Liang asked, "I did what?" His eyes full of amusement.Mu Lan tried to hide her face and faintly said, "Kissed me." If Mu Liang did not have a good sense of hearing, he wouldn't have heard what she just said. He teasingly replied, "I didn't hear you. Louder please."Mu Lan closed her eyes and bit her lips hard. Then she said, "You did nothing." The word 'kiss' was really hard for her to say in the bright room.Mu Liang hid his smile and said, "Then let's go to the bathroom. I have to punish you after that." He saw that she was hiding her red face. So he took the opportunity to unlock her brassiere and took it off. His fingers were so fast that Mu Lan didn't have a chance to stop him."Ah!" Mu Lan screamed with utter shock.Mu Liang held her close to him with his left hand and unfastened her jeans with his other hand. After undressing her, he took her to the bathroom, touched the water to check if the water was hot enough and then put her down. After that, he undressed himself and joined her in the bathtub.Mu Lan wanted to move away to the other side of the large bathtub. But Mu Liang held her close to him and huskily asked, "Where do you think you are going?"

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