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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 258: GOING TO BE DOOMED

[A/N: I'm very sorry for not updating last night. It was too exhausting and I fell asleep with laptop while I was writing]________________________________________________________________________________________________Mu Lan let out a small scream as she was held high up on his shoulders. She could only see Mu Liang's back from upside down and felt that her head was literally the ground. That's when she realized that she was going to be doomed. She got goosebumps. So she tried the hardest to wriggle free and get off Mu Liang's shoulder.Mu Lan said, "Liang Liang, I was wrong. Please let go." She was afraid of being too loud or others might hear her. Her position was too embarrassing.Mu Liang held her strongly yet gently so that she would not be hurt. Even though he heard Mu Lan plead with a little fear, he didn't let her go. Mu Liang was angry when he heard the girls conversation during their lunch. Hugo had earlier sent their audio clipping to him. So, when Mu Lan was talking about Mu Feng, Mu Liang clearly knew that she was talking about him and not his younger brother. Yet, jealousy built up in his heart consequently making him very angry. When he got the signal that Hugo dropped off Mu Lan at the mansion as per his orders, Mu Liang got out of his study mentally making plans on how he should punish his wife. However, as soon as Mu Liang saw Mu Lan's peach dress, his heart melted immediately. She looked so cute that he wanted to hug her badly. But thinking of the punishment, he restrained himself hardly. In the end, he thought of teasing her until she fainted.It was good for Mu Lan that except Head Butler Leo, none of the maids or butlers actually saw them. Even then, Mu Lan struggled and said, "Liang Liang, let go! Let go!"Even the way she pleaded was also too cute. Mu Liang almost let her go. He took her to the third floor, straight to his.. (no, no) their bedroom. He closed the door and turned on the light. The atmosphere of the bed room changed dramatically like it was decorated for them. The gloomy atmosphere was gone. Now a sweet vibe was all around the room to match up to Mu Lan's sweetness. On the bed, Mu Liang let the struggling Mu Lan down. He made her sit on the bed and he knelt on the floor, looking into Mu Lan's eye. Mu Lan was totally scared on what Mu Liang would do to her, so her eyes already became a little teary.Mu Liang wished to comfort her. But he asked, "Do you have something to say to me?" When Mu Lan nodded her head. He said, "Then say it.""I-I just wanted to punish Louise because she was planning to embarrass me because I don't have the money or the status. So I ripped off her money." Mu Lan's voice was shaking.Mu Liang frowned. He understood Louise's intention because she was always proud of her status and money, so she couldn't accept the fact that Mu Feng would accept a girl with no status, more precisely a commoner.Mu Liang knew the answer but still asked, "How much money did that inferior designer lose?"Mu Lan hesitated before she softly said, ".Probably six million." She nervously looked at Mu Liang. Then she said, "Liang Liang, I'm sorry."Mu Liang controlled himself not to smile and rose his right eye-brow and asked, "Is this how someone is supposed to ask for forgiveness?"Mu Lan said, "I won't do it again. Please forgive me." She looked very pitiful.Mu Liang gulped, but in a tough tone said, "Not enough."Mu Lan looked at him as if she was wronged. With her tearful eyes she said, "Pretty please?"This time, Mu Liang's last line of control broke. He pulled her to his embrace and kissed her hard.

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