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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 257: ARE YOU HIDING SOMETHING FROM ME?

Before Mu Lan could comprehend the words, Head Butler Leo came out of the mansion and greeted her. "Welcome home, young mistress."Mu Lan was flabbergasted as she greeted the old butler, and the next moment she heard the car's engine starting. Before she could react, Hugo's car sped off.The three words came as a flash to her mind, 'What just happened?'Soon, Mu Lan understood it very well. Last time, after she played Mu Feng's girlfriend, she was kidnapped and then Mu Liang 'punished' her till she fainted. Hugo's sudden offer was not a mere pretence. He was actually doing his job by listening to his boss. Mu Lan didn't know how but she thought Hugo might be trailing them since afternoon and he might have heard everything they had talked about, with his special hearing equipment. It wasn't entirely impossible for him, was it?Now that she pretended to be Mu Feng's wife.....O M G!The first thing came into her mind was, 'I have to leave A S A P.'Mu Lan glanced at the Head Butler and said with an apologetic smile, "Uncle Leo, I just remembered that I have some assignments to finish for tomorrow. So I will be leaving. Goodbye." She turned around to leave without letting Butler Leo say anything.Mu Lan couldn't even take the third step before she heard a deep voice asking, "Where do you think you are going?"Last night's activity flashed in her mind. Mu Lan didn't dare to look back as she hurriedly said, "I have assignments. I'm heading back."Mu Lan couldn't take another step because a tall body came to her line of sight. The handsome man's ocean blue eyes were looking at her deeply.Mu Lan gulped down and her face flushed. Suddenly she felt hot. Mu Liang calmly looted her reaction. He said, "You can do your assignment in your house."'"In your house" this phrase, why does it sound so erotic?' Mu Lan thought. She said, "I need books and notes." Her voice quivered in nervousness. Because of last night, she couldn't look into his eyes."Hugo can bring them for you tomorrow." Mu Liang replied."But I have class tomorrow." Mu Lan panicked. 'I definitely can't stay here.' She saw resolute in her plan.Mu Liang's eyes flickered. He slowly asked, "Tomorrow you have class." His words sounded like a question."Yes." Mu Lan firmly said.Mu Liang took a deep breath and said, "Tomorrow is Saturday.""" Mu Lan had nothing to say. She opened her mouth and closed it again and again. Mu Liang stepped towards her. Mu Lan nervously took a step back."Why are you lying?" Mu Liang asked taking another step towards her."I I" Mu Lan couldn't find a single word as an excuse. She took a step back. Then she suddenly said, "I thought that tomorrow was Friday."Mu Liang asked taking another step, "You had class today, how can you forget?"Mu Lan asked back, "I'm a human, okay? I can forget too."Mu Liang took another step and said, "Lan."Mu Lan shuddered hearing his husky voice. She asked, "Wh-hat?""Are you hiding something from me?" Mu Liang asked.'This man! He knows everything! But still, he has to act. If he didn't know, would he give me this torture now?' Mu Lan thought pitifully.There was a huge fountain in front of Mu Mansion and they were standing at the one side of the fountain. If Mu Lan could turn the other side and run towards the entrance, it wouldn't be impossible for her to escape.This was Mu Lan's thought process.Without answering Mu Liang, Mu Lan swiftly turned around to run. In a flash, Mu Liang grabbed her left hand and then threw her over his left shoulder.Clearly, Mu Lan underestimated Mu Liang."Tell everyone to sleep early."That's what Mu Liang ordered Butler Leo before he took Mu Lan inside the mansion.

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