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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 256: LATEST CREATION WORTH DOUBLE IN PRICE

Master De smiled on recognizing Yan Su. He said pleasantly, "You are little Yan Su of Zheng Family, aren't you? It has been a while since I saw you. You have grown up to be a beautiful woman. How are you?"Yan Su smiled broadly and said, "I'm doing great, Master De. The moment I smelt the odour of the meals, I knew that you could be the only one who could make such delicious food. I have watched on the TV some of your latest creation. You have always been my most favorite chef."Master De laughed gleefully. He was truly flattered. He replied in satisfaction, "Silly child, just tell me what do you want to eat. I will cook for you. If I knew that you were one of the guests of Miss Fontaine, then I would have definitely cooked your favorite dishes as a present."Yan Su smiled as her plan was working perfectly. She said, "Master De, my friends and I want to eat your latest creation tonight as dinner. All my friends were praising you a while ago that how delicious the dishes were."Louise's secretary puked blood. 'Is she for real?' She wondered in shock.Master De said, "Fine then. You youngsters, wait for a while. I'm going to present my latest creation in an hour."Yan Su replied, "We all are looking forward to it."After Master De went back to the kitchen, Yan Su looked at the secretary and said, "Uh, you were saying." She wanted her to continue with her lies.The secretary's face became red in shame and rage. She cursed the chef and Yan Su at the same time in her mind. She lowered her head, meekly apologized and left. She had to tell her boss, Louise, that she is going to lose a lot more money than she had lost in lunch. Master De's latest creations were all top-notch high class. The food items were double in price. ------After making Louise lose another six million dollars, the four girls laughed without restrained in Hugo's car. They all got a few food packets for themselves.In the end, Louise was so angry that she had become unconscious. This made Mu Lan and her three friends walk home instead of going in Louise's car. But fortunately, Hugo was following them since the beginning. He offered them a ride. After all, everyone was going to the same place.There was still sometime before the curfew time, so none of them seemed to be worried at all. They were all merrily chatting in the car.Yan Su laughed and said, "Ah, the best day ever!"Mu Lan's stomach hurt for laughing too much. She said with a smile on her face, "Free meals taste the best."Qi Ying smiled and nudged Xue Lin for some red wine. Apparently, they took two bottles of Screaming Eagle Cabernet 1992. It was Mu Lan's idea. However, Xue Lin didn't forget to ask for four glasses, to drink wine on the way back to the campus.Qi Ying tasted the red wine and asked Mu Lan, "Now tell me, how Feng became your husband?" This question was killing her for sometime, but she couldn't voice it out. Now she asked Mu Lan.Mu Lan laughed and then told Qi Ying how she ended up being Mu Feng's girlfriend. When her story ended, they realized that they were inside Mu Mansion's area.With a puzzled look, Mu Lan asked, "Umm, Hugo why are we here?"Hugo stopped the car and got off the car. Then he opened the door of the passenger seat where Mu Lan was sitting. Mu Lan got off. Just like Yan Su and Qi Ying, she was also surprised.As Mu Lan got off, Hugo closed the door and said, "Boss asked me to bring you here."

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