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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 255: IT'S GETTING DARK

Louise looked at the sky and said, "It's getting dark."Since when Paris went dark around four thirty in the evening? Who was she kidding?Mu Lan hid her smile as she realized what Louise meant. She replied, "It is. At this time, the city looks extra gorgeous."Louise controlled herself and said, "Don't you have a curfew in the dorm?"Mu Lan answered lightly, "Not really."This time Xue Lin said, "So what if we have a curfew? Without having dinner, I am not leaving."Louise frowned as she became alert and asked, "What do you mean?" She didn't know why but she was having an ominous feeling.Xue Lin gave her an innocent look and said, "What do I mean? You invited us for a meal, right?"Louise hesitated before replying, "I-I did."Xue Lin smiled brightly and said, "Great! Then I am going to tell Yan Su and Xiao Ying that we will be having dinner soon." She got up and then headed downstairs.Mu Lan wanted to burst out laughing as she followed Xue Lin.Initially, Louise couldn't believe what she just heard as she looked at Mu Lan and Xue Lin's back.Dinner. They said something about having dinner.Her eyes flew open as she realized their intention.'Oh my freaking God!'Louise fell on the floor.------Feeling something was wrong, Louise's secretary came on the second floor and saw Louise's pale and cold body. The secretary became petrified as she came closer."Miss, what's wrong?" The secretary asked in anxiety.Louise grabbed her hand and whispered, "Those eating monsters want to have dinner."The secretary was dumbstruck. 'How can a girl be so selfish?' She thought.The secretary looked at her boss and said, "Miss, don't worry. I will manage the situation." Later, she helped Louise to get up and sit on a chair. Then she left.-----Mu Lan was chatting with her friends, when Louise's secretary came. All four of them narrowed their eyes.The secretary nervously said, "Actually, we have already paid the chef for the lunch. Since he completed his job, he has left the boat. I'm very sorry that we cannot provide anymore. I'm truly sorry." She bowed her head and prayed that her plan works.Mu Lan asked her in surprise, "Oh, they left? Why didn't you tell me earlier? Let's go and see." She stood up.The secretary was puzzled. She couldn't understand Mu Lan's point.Looking at her puzzled look, Mu Lan explained, "You told that they left. But we are in the middle of the river and there is no extra boat with us. Unless the top-notch chef swims to the dock, he cannot leave. I want to watch a top French chef swimming in the Seine river just to leave the boat. Who wants to miss it?"Xue Lin, Yan Su and Qi Ying stood up as well. They said, "Yeah, who wants to miss that chance? Let's watch it together. It would be a great show, better than watching a soap opera."The secretary felt like crying. She said, "How could this be? My boss is very generous. She ordered a luxurious speed boat for the chef and his team. You won't be able to see anything."Of course, they couldn't. The chef was in the boat's kitchen, after all. But the secretary couldn't let Mu Lan and her pig friends know that.Yan Su said, "I didn't hear any familiar sound of a speed boat."The secretary was about to protest, but this time someone interrupted them. It was the chef himself.Mu Lan nearly laughed out. She looked at the secretary and asked, "Whom did you see leaving in the speed boat? A ghost?"Yan Su came forward and greeted the chef. "Good to see you again, Master De."

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