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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 254: UNGRATEFUL PIGS!

Xue Lin smirked in disbelief. She asked, "The King of European Underworld had no clue about his girlfriend being harassed! Is this a joke?"

Mu Lan bit her lips and said, "I didn't want to believe it either. But after experiencing some of brother Feng's vengeful activities, I realized that he never goes easy on those who have made his family member's life miserable."

Xue Lin said, "So you think that he didn't do anything about Xiao Ying's incidents because he really had no clue about it. You have got logic. I have also seen that how much he cares for Xiao Ying. If he didn't clear her path four years ago, it meant that someone was so skillful that he or she could hide it from him."

"Or someone who was very close to him and had his complete trust, had tried to harm Xiao Ying." Mu Lan slowly said.

Xue Lin eyed her, "Do you have anyone on your mind?"

Mu Lan turned to look at her friend and asked, "Should I suspect Louise?"

Xue Lin thought for a moment. Then she slowly said, "You should not. Judging by her appearance, she is someone who loves to show off. If she knew that Xiao Ying is the real girlfriend of that Mu Feng, she would have known that she just wasn't good enough. She only came after you because she thought that you were nobody."

Mu Lan asked, "Why? Can't she harm Xiao Ying even after knowing that she was defeated?"

Xue Lin replied, "She would make that woman disappear from the earth, if she had lower status than her. But she cares about family status and bank balance. Because of that, she wouldn't dare to harm Xiao Ying." She paused and looked at her friend. She continued, "Speaking of that, she might harm you, so be careful."

Mu Lan looked at the boat which was passing by them. Her eyes sparkled. She asked, "Am I not careful enough?"

Xue Lin sipped her wine and replied, "Shielding behind me and Xiao Ying won't give you any extra privilege. You need two or three Yan Su who can protect you."

Mu Lan scratched her head. 'Nothing misses her eyes.' She thought.

"Is there anyone else you suspect?" Xue Lin went back to the topic.

Mu Lan shook her head negatively and replied, "Not right now. I don't know many people who work with brother Feng. That person could be work-related."

"Might be." Xue Lin murmured. Her eyes narrowed as she looked into the distance.


While the two were talking, meanwhile, Louise asked her secretary about the bill. The secretary gulped down before giving her the receipt.

Louise looked at the receipt and her legs lost strength.As soon as Louise looked at the receipt, her legs lost all the strength. She quickly sat on the sofa beside her.

It was three million dollars. Three damn million dollars!

Louise wanted to cry loudly.

"Those pigs! They ate all the food. How dare you play with me like that? I'm going to kick them out!" Louise screamed in rage and stomped out of the room.


While Mu Lan and Xue Lin were enjoying the beautiful sight, Louise came up on the second floor.

"Oh, Louise! Did you come to enjoy the scenery as well?" Mu Lan asked in the friendly tone.

Louise's face was red in rage. She wanted to tear apart this 'shameless' woman in front of her. She didn't answer Mu Lan. On the contrary, she asked back, "Did you enjoy the meal?"

Mu Lan smiled as she answered, "Oh, yes, I did. We all did." She sipped the red wine.

Louise looked at her 'money' which was going down Mu Lan's throat.

'Bi***! You are so ungrateful that you don't even care to thank the host? So illiterate! So uncivilized! You have no right to marry my Feng!' Louise almost fainted in anger.

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