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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 252: GIRL, YOU ARE TOO GOOD!

"It's my engagement ring. Isn't it beautiful?" Mu Lan smiled sweetly.Louise's heart shook. 'Engagement ring? Is she already engaged to my Feng?' She couldn't believe it at all."When did you get engaged? I wasn't invited to the party." Louise got some courage and asked back. She didn't dare to say that the ring suited in Mu Lan's finger."Oh, the engagement party is after I meet his family in Italy. The party will be arranged in February. I'll personally invite you. Don't worry about missing the engagement party of your childhood friend."'Who cares about missing it. I want to completely destroy it. This engagement ring belongs to me. How dare she wears it?' From inside, Louise was fuming to death.Louise gave a fake smile and said, "I'm not worried. I know my Feng will not forget to invite me."Suddenly there was silence. Qi Ying, Xue Lin and Yan Su stopped eating almost at the same time as they heard the phrase 'my Feng'.'When did he become hers?', they thought.Mu Lan smiled as she said, "Of course not. My husband Feng never treats his 'friends' unequally. He only treats his beloved, who is me, very differently and lovingly."Now her three friends astonishingly looked at Mu Lan like they were looking at a crazy person. Either they had become crazy or they had become deaf.Mu Lan touched both of Yan Su's and Xue Lin's hands and gave them a tight grasp. Then she added, "My friends were so upset with me that I didn't let them know that Feng proposed me. That's why I thought of having fun together today."'And leech of my money.' Louise thought hatefully.After getting Mu Lan's signal, Xue Lin and Yan Su didn't say anything. They clearly understood the meaning behind Mu Lan's hand grabbing.As for the real wife of Mu Feng, she was still in a daze. She didn't notice that Mu Lan had tried to signal her. She opened her mouth to say something and at that moment Xue Lin put a shrimp inside her mouth and said, "This one is delicious. Have it. Oh, there is another one, eat it." She stuffed three shrimps in Qi Ying's mouth. Qi Ying's mouth became full and puffy.Mu Lan continuously said, "My husband really loves to take care of me. He is always thinking about what I eat, where I go." Yan Su and Xue Lin wanted to puke blood. 'Girl, you are too good!' They praised her in their minds.On the contrary, Louise wanted to choke Mu Lan to death. She was already in a bad mood when she imagined about the large sum of money that was flying away. Then, none of these 'hungry pigs' were talking to her. So ungrateful! And now, Mu Lan's engagement ring. It was more like pouring oil in the fire.Now Louise truly realized how it actually felt like living in hell. Neither she could live here, nor she could escape. It was a painful torture which she had to accept. For now..While they were eating, Louise sent a text message to Ruddy Donne. She texted him not to act harshly today because the target had her friends along with her. It would be impossible to carry on with the plan.Louise didn't want to act rashly. There was still plenty of time before the actual engagement. She would slowly make a trap and would lure Mu Lan into it. Once Mu Lan was within her reach, nothing could help her out. She would be trapped forever.

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