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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 247: LET'S THROW AN ENGAGEMENT PARTY

Mu Lan surely didn't want to answer and hence she hid herself in her man's embrace. She hugged him tightly and didn't let Mu Liang see her face.Mu Liang had to stop kissing her body because of her tight embrace. He laughed and ran his hands all over her body, making her shudder.After a while, Mu Liang asked, "I remember that you wanted to say something to me when you had called earlier. What was that??"Mu Lan pouted. 'Does he think that I am a wonder woman? I can't even keep my eyes open and he is asking me why I'd called? I won't answer him. I will pretend to be asleep.' She thought that and closed her eyes.The reason she had called Mu Liang was to inform him that she was going out to meet Louise along with her friends since Louise had invited her. Mu Liang personally didn't like that interior designer. He even called Louise an 'inferior designer', which delighted Mu Lan.However, this hungry wolf didn't let her say those important details and did all sorts of ******. And right now, Mu Lan had no energy left to answer him. She was already too tired.Slowly she drifted to sleep. Mu Liang whose hands were all over her body froze. 'Did she just fall asleep?' He wondered. He looked down at her relaxed face and regular breathing, then he finally realized that she really fell asleep. Mu Liang smiled and kissed her eyes softly and then turned around to turn off the light. After that, he hugged her before falling asleep as well.------When Mu Lan woke up, the birds were yet to see the day. She opened her eyes and looked around her room. Recollecting what had happened last night, her heart started pounding crazily. Such an emotion wasn't good early in the morning.When she was about to look for Mu Liang, he came out of the bathroom fully dressed. Their eyes locked.Mu Lan felt awkward and her face was red. Mu Liang saw her reaction and smiled lovingly. His heart melted as he saw her naked body on the bed. He felt like he was married already. He could never get tired of her or to see her like this every morning.He deeply said, "Good morning, Lan. Did you sleep well?"Mu Lan pouted before answering, "I called you last night for a reason." She skillfully changed the topic. She was too ashamed to say 'good morning'. Mu Liang sat on the edge of the bed and lovingly rubbed her head. He smiled at her slyness and asked, "Why did you call me last night?"Mu Lan then told him that Louise had called her last night to invite her for lunch today. She agreed but decided to take her three friends as well since they were mad at her thinking she intentionally hid their engagement.Mu Liang frowned upon hearing Louise's name. However, when Mu Lan mentioned about their engagement, his gaze softened.Mu Liang stroked her left temple with his right thumb dotingly and asked, "Don't you want a party for our engagement? Let's have one."Mu Lan looked at his ocean blue eyes and for the first time she thought of a party. She had no idea that people would throw a party for an engagement. Either way, it wasn't hard to believe. Amidst all her thoughts, Mu Lan smiled shyly and said, "I'll leave it to you to arrange. But before that let's meet your parents."If Mu Liang had his own wings, he would be flying in the sky right now. He hoarsely said, "Okay, we will meet my parents first and then I'll arrange an engagement party. I will let the entire world know that you are mine." In that way, no one will think of you as Feng's girlfriend....He swallowed the last sentence. Mu Liang hugged the delicate woman and kissed her deeply.

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