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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 241: SHE DID IT ON PURPOSE

Two days later, Mu Lan finally went to the campus. She sighed in relief.

Past two days were very tiring. Mu Liang ordered the servants to put her belongings in his bedroom and drawing room. Mu Lan was bound to sleep with him.

That wasn't the problem. The problem was when she had to take bath with Mu Liang. It would drain all her energy.

Moreover, in the meal time, Mu Liang and Mu Feng both tried to feed her to death. Their excuse was that she was very weak and was still recovering. On top of that, after dinner she was forced to take medicine.

Finally, Mu Lan got her freedom. She happily went to the female dorm.

Mu Lan prepared herself for the classes. She had two classes today.

In the class, it was more peaceful than it was before. No one talked about the incident of Anne's birthday party anymore. So Mu Lan became relaxed. Hugo helped her with the assignments.

After the classes ended, Mu Lan went to the dorm. After she took bath, she started playing Car Race4-99.

At that moment, someone knocked on the door. Mu Lan opened the door and saw her three best friends.

"Ah, at last our Lan dear wished to live with us. What? Tired of your boyfriend?" Yan Su teased.

Mu Lan blushed. She let them in and said, "Am I not supposed to say that to you? How come you are not with Doctor Lu Feng? The last time I saw, you two were having race in the bed."

Qi Ying and Xue Lin both blushed at her words. Xue Lin coughed slightly.

Yan Su didn't look embarrassed at all. She smirked and asked, " Are you jealous? My boyfriend is really good in bed. His performance is top notch. If you want I can share-"

"Why are you guys here with groceries?" Realizing that Yan Su was going to spill the beans which none of them wanted to hear, Mu Lan cut in between her words.

Qi Ying and Xue Lin were carrying some packages which were full of vegetables and fruits.

Yan Su replied, "Second cousin Feng and my boyfriend both requested me and Ying dear to make sure that you eat some nutritious food everyday. I also think the same. Or else, you will faint at any moment, and my boyfriend will have to run around while leaving me in the best moment. That day, I cursed you a thousand times for taking him to Germany at the time of our bed activities, you know?"

Hearing Yan Su's complain, Mu Lan coughed and said, "I'm sorry."

Yan Su came closer to Mu Lan and said, "You should be." Then she grabbed Qi Ying and pulled her to the kitchen. They were going to cook.

Qi Ying said, "We will be quick."

Xue Lin took a water bottle and drank half of it. Then she said, "When did you get engaged?"

Mu Lan was startled by her question and then looked at her left hand's ring finger. The ruby ring with diamonds glowed in the light.

Mu Lan felt shy. She said, "Two days ago."

Xue Lin glanced at her and then screamed. "Yan Su, Xiao Ying, Xiao Lan got engaged!"

'Damn! She did it on purpose!' Mu Lan thought.

Yan Su and Qi Ying hurriedly came into the room with surprised face.

Qi Ying asked first, "When?"

Xue Lin answered, "Two days ago."

Yan Su glared at Mu Lan who was looking for a place to hide. "You dared to hide it from us!" She roared.

Mu Lan was very embarrassed. She totally forgot to tell her friends about it. But these two days, Mu Liang didn't leave her side, not even when she bathed. So, how could she have the time to think of someone else? Her mind was totally occupied with Mu Liang.

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