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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 238: DARLING, I WILL NEVER LET YOU GO

Mu Liang calmly asked, "What you said, is it true?"

Mu Lan faintly replied, "Yes."

At that moment, Mu Liang's brain stopped working. He couldn't think straight. He couldn't speak. The next second, he stood up from the chair and walked towards Mu Lan.

Hearing the sound of Mu Liang's footsteps, Mu Lan glanced at him. Seeing his dark eyes, she was about to shrink.

Mu Liang didn't give her a chance to retreat. He swiftly took her in his arms and started to walk towards the upstairs. It was clear that he was going to the bedroom.

Head Butler Leo was embarrassed to witness such lovey-dovey moment. Still his heart erupted in joy. He smiled at the way Mu Liang walked away. When he turned around, he saw everyone's smiley face.

Butler Leo frowned. He ordered, "What are you doing? Go back to work. Finish all the chores as fast as possible. Tell everyone to sleep early. Tomorrow we will hold a party."

Everybody hurried away.


Mu Liang hugged Mu Lan tightly in his arms and carried her to the third floor.

Mu Lan who was silently blushing in his embrace was startled and opened her mouth, "L-Liang Liang, this is the third floor. My room is on the fourth floor."

Mu Liang shortly replied, "I know."

'I know? Then why is he taking me to the third floor...? Huh! Isn't it his bedroom?' Mu Lan's heart was beating crazily. She tried to run away from Mu Liang's embrace.

However, Mu Liang's grip around her became tighter. He didn't let her go. He said, "Relax."

His hoarse voice made Mu Lan jump in fright.

How could she relax? His word 'relax' made her even more nervous. She agreed on getting engaged but she never mentioned that she was ready to take a step forward towards the 'adult' stage. After the first morning experience in Germany, she was even more frightened.

'It is so big! I will definitely die if it tries to invade….. ah! What am I thinking?' Mu Lan almost cried out at her imagination.

Mu Liang carried her directly in his room. It was more spacious than Mu Lan's bedroom. The room was dark, so Mu Lan couldn't see anything.

Mu Liang turned on a blue dim light and put her down on his king size bed. Then he kissed her forehead and said, "Be good and stay here."

Even if Mu Lan had a plan to flee from his claws, Mu Liang's dark tone made it impossible for her. She was no nervous that she lost all the strength of her legs. All she could do was stay still on the bed.

Mu Liang went inside the vault room. He was there for a while and then he came back to the bedroom. He took her right hand and pulled her towards the balcony.

The moon was extremely bright tonight. The silver light filled the whole area. It was a beautiful scene.

Mu Liang paused in front of Mu Lan and knelt down. Curiously Mu Lan looked down at him.

Mu Liang slowly took her beautiful left hand and in the ring finger, he put on a beautiful ring.

It was an Art Masters Caravaggio 14k yellow gold 1-carat ruby diamond engagement ring. It was grandeur and unique. Mu Lan couldn't take her eyes off of it. It was so gorgeous.

Later, Mu Liang put another simple ring on her right palm. It had the same design as the rings were a pair, but it had no ruby on it.   

Mu Liang said in a deep voice, "Put it on my ring finger."

Mu Lan's hand was shaking in excitement. She grabbed his left hand softly and slid the ring on his ring finger.

Mu Liang took Mu Lan's left hand on his left hand. Seeing the pair of the ring in their ring fingers, a strange feeling swept through Mu Liang's heart. He slowly looked at the woman who was going to be his forever.

Mu Liang started in a deep tone, "Lan, I promise you that you will never regret tonight's decision. I will always be true to you and I will never let you go. If at all comes a time that.. you… find me useless, I will leave it to you. You can do whatever you want to do and I will only pray for your happiness. Is it okay?" In the end, he asked her.

Mu Lan was feeling very emotional. When she heard his promise, 'I will let you do whatever you want and I will pray for your happiness', her heart was almost torn apart. She didn't know why, but suddenly she felt sad for Mu Liang.

Mu Lan sniffed and knelt down in front of Mu Liang. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She said, "Liang Liang…."

Mu Liang was taken aback by her sudden change of attitude. His heart sank as he asked in a worried tone, "What's wrong?" He cupped her face and with his thumbs, he wiped her tears.

Mu Lan said, "I won't disappoint you. I will also stay by your side as long as you want me to be with you."

Mu Liang didn't expect her to confess like that. He was first stunned and then pulled her in his warm, solid chest. He murmured, "Darling, I will never let you go."

Mu Lan hugged him back and said, "Don't spoil me."

Mu Liang laughed heartily and said, "I will pamper you till we grow old and see our great-grandchildren."

Two of them, were kneeling and hugging together in the balcony. The moon was witness to their love. It seemed as the moon was blessing them with her light.

Somewhere far away, the birds were chirping & singing late at night. The fragrance of the flowers mesmerized them. The leaves were dancing in the wind. The cold breeze blew around them. It seemed nature was celebrating their union.

Still, those two didn't feel cold. They melted in each other's warmth.

That night was truly beautiful. Both Mu Liang and Mu Lan's hearts were singing with those birds. They memorized every single moment on the night.

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