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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 237: PROMISE OF SIX MONTHS

Mu Lan felt tired after she reached the mansion. She directly went to her room, took bath, got changed and then fell asleep.

Mu Liang freshened himself and went upstairs to call her for lunch. However, seeing her tired face and sleeping form, he didn't have the heart to wake her up. He silently sat beside her bed and stroked her hair.

In the evening, Mu Lan woke up as her stomach growled for some food. Rubbing her tummy, she went downstairs. Seeing Cook Eva, she felt delighted.

"Auntie Eva, I'm so hungry." Mu Lan said.

She was delighted to see Mu Lan behaving like it was her own family. She recalled a few months back Mu Lan would be so formal with everyone in the household.

Cook Eva replied, "The dinner is ready. I will have someone to call for the young master for dinner."

Mu Lan nodded and sat on her seat in the dining room.

Five minutes later, Mu Liang came into the dining room and saw Mu Lan's head was down on the dining table. The meal was served, and yet she didn't touch an ounce of food, despite her being so hungry.

Mu Liang rubbed the back of the head and asked, "Why didn't you start eating? The food will get cold."

Mu Lan looked at him with her half sleepy eyes. In five minutes, she took a nap. She rubbed her eyes and replied, "I was waiting for you."

Mu Liang's heart melted at her voice. He smiled tenderly at her. He leaned down and kissed her forehead, making her blush. He murmured, "Good girl."

Head Butler Leo, Cook Eva, two butlers had turned blind eyes. They pretended like they didn't see anything.

As Mu Liang sat down, two butlers opened the lids of the pots. The aroma of the food filled the whole room.

There were vegetable soup, steamed fried salmon, grilled chicken and charlotte. After taking a bite, Mu Lan went to the fifth heaven. As expected, Cook Eva was still the best cook on the earth.

After they finished dinner, Mu Liang ordered Alice, the personal servant of Mu Lan to bring her medicine. Mu Lan took the medicine without a single complaint. She didn't want to serve Mu Liang every night in the bed.

Mu Liang hid his smile as he saw her taking the medicine with a bitter, yet quiet face. He wanted to say something for a while. Now he got a chance to say it. "It has been already five months since you woke up." He said.

Mu Lan glanced at him. She thought he was talking about her health. She replied, "No need to worry. Give me a month. I will finish all the medicine and become stronger."

Mu Liang smiled again as he heard that. That was not what he meant. But, he could go there if he twisted the words. He replied, "So you mean that you will be strong enough to perform after a month. Hmm. Sounds good."

Mu Lan froze on the spot after she realized what he meant by his words. Her face turned beet red. She didn't dare to look at the Head Butler Leo, Cook Eva, maid Alice and the other two butlers.

'How could he say something like this in front of everyone?' Mu Lan wanted to explode in anger, but remained silent.

The six light bulbs around them, were in an awkward situation. They could neither leave this room, nor did they want to stay here any longer.

Mu Liang saw her red angry face and didn't tease her any more. He went back to the topic. "What I meant was you said that you would take six months. You still don't have a boyfriend. It means that you choose me, am I right?"

Mu Lan was in a daze.

'Oh! So it is already the fifth month. Time sure flies fast. It's not that I'm looking for a boyfriend. Liang Liang supports me more than any other man will do to their partners.  He is kind and gentle. He is sincere and serious. He makes me secure. He protects me. He even saved me twice. He also cares for me. So why shouldn't I help him to make his grandpa happy. And if Liang Liang still wants to stay with me, I don't have a problem. And even if I have problems, I mean, come one, he has seen everything! We still didn't go to the last stage but what we did was truly embarrassing. I don't feel like a virgin anymore. He even cleaned my… my… poop. Who does that? He even said that he liked me. I have seen his firm eyes. Those eyes have never learnt to lie. So I'm going to stick with it. If he still wants me after everything we went through, I will stick with him to the end of our lives.'

Mu Lan thought all of that and then looked at Mu Liang. She asked, "I promised you to give you an answer after six months, right?"

Mu Liang was sitting steadily. He couldn't help but feel nervous. However, he didn't express it on his face. He slowly nodded positively at her question.

Mu Lan said, "After a month, I have my exams and then the result will get published after three weeks. We will visit your family together after I get the result." Her voice was soft. When she spoke, she had a slight blush on her cheek.

It was Mu Liang's time to freeze on the spot. He sat there quietly and repeated her words in his head. When he realized, his whole body shook. He looked at her in disbelief, later, his eyes became dark.

Mu Liang took some times to regain his composure. He looked at the woman beside him whose head was slightly down, feeling shy.

Mu Liang calmly asked, "What you said, is it true?" His tone was darker and deeper.

His voice made Mu Lan shiver. 'Can't he be less sexy when he talks?' She complained in her heart. But she dared not to speak aloud.

Mu Lan faintly replied, "Yes."

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