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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 236: PLEASE ME IN THE BED

Mu Lan was in total bliss after tasting those delicious dishes and her heart was in the seventh heaven. Then, she saw Mu Liang and she happily offered him some of her food.

Mu Lan didn't notice Mu Liang's cold aura, or else she would be frightened by now. The only thing she had in her mind was to feed him.

Mu Liang's dark eyes melted as he saw her bright smile and glittering eyes. He leaned closer and opened his mouth.  Mu Lan fed him and he slowly chewed the noodles.

"Isn't it delicious?" Mu Lan questioned as her eyes sparkled.

Mu Liang smiled swiftly at her child-like behaviour. There was nothing special about the food. He ate it every time he came to Germany. However, somehow, he found today's meal extra tasty. He nodded and said, "It is delicious." He lovingly patted her head and said, "Eat well."

Mu Lan had a spoon of food for herself and then she would offer the next one to Mu Liang. And Mu Liang, who had actually come up with a stern, cold face to punish Mu Lan ended up eating the food obediently.


On the other side, Lu Feng was worriedly pacing back and forth outside Mu Liang's office. He couldn't imagine what Mu Liang would do to 'Sweet Cute Little Bunny'.

After a while, Lu Feng's Assistant brought a box. It was filled with the bottles of vitamins, iron and calcium tablets.

Lu Feng took the box and signed his assistant to leave.

The Assistant was also eager to see the beauty inside the office room. He used to see her at the Lu Research Center when Mu Lan was in coma. And then slowly he fell in love with that sleeping beauty. However, after she went to the Mu Mansion, he never got an opportunity to see her face, not even for once.

The Assistant didn't want to leave knowing that his 'Sleeping Beauty' was inside. After he got a glare from Lu Feng he reluctantly went away.

Lu Feng knocked the door politely and went inside. The moment he caught a glimpse of what was happening inside, his expression immediately changed.

He expected a crying or sobbing Mu Lan and a devilish Mu Liang lecturing her. Who could have guessed that these two would be having a harmonious time together instead?  

Mu Liang gazed at Lu Feng and said, "Why are you here?" He clearly looked upset, as if, Lu Feng was the third wheel.

'Huh? Is this what he was planning to do all along? That damn ba***rd! He fooled me and was having a honeymoon time here.' Lu Feng glared at Mu Liang.

Mu Liang pretended not to notice. He glanced at his hand and commented, "Oh, the medicine."

'Oh, now you remember!' Lu Feng wanted to voice out his thought, but in the end, he didn't. He only scowled.

Lu Feng put down the box on the table and said to Mu Lan, "I believe that you didn't finish your medicine. Now I'm giving you the whole box. Make sure to have them every day after dinner."

The moment Mu Lan saw the box, her face turned pale. She hated medicine. She pouted and looked pitifully at Mu Liang.

Mu Liang averted his eyes. His heart raced as he saw her pouty face. He clearly said, "Be a good girl and take the medicine every day."

Mu Lan started to say, "But I'm recovering-"

"You are weak and that's why you passed out at a crucial point.

Mu Lan's words hung on her throat. She couldn't utter a single word. Her face was beet red.

Lu Feng coughed. His face was also slightly red. He felt pity for his best friend. He tried to hide his laughter and then he looked at Mu Liang and said, "I still have some things to do. I'm heading back to France."

Mu Liang nodded in reply.

After Lu Feng left the room, Mu Liang looked at Mu Lan. Before she could complain, he said, "We are in Berlin. There are many beautiful places to visit here. Let's go out after I finish my work." He lovingly rubbed her head.

However, Mu Lan was in no mood. She kept disturbing Mu Liang in between his work about the medicine.

Mu Liang was never pestered by Mu Lan. She never interrupted him at his office or anywhere. But now she was disrupting him wherever he went. On the other hand Mu Liang never felt that she was disturbing him. In fact he was totally enjoying her company while he was inspecting his workplace.

In the end, looking at her sad face, Mu Liang said, "If you don't take the medicine every day, I will make you vacate the school campus and ensure you stay at the mansion. Also every night, you have to please me in bed just like we did in the morning." His voice was husky as he looked at her with his deep eyes.

Mu Lan, "…."

That was it. Mu Lan didn't dare to pester Mu Liang ever again about taking medicine.


As promised, Mu Liang took her to visit some of the historical sites and tourist attractions of Germany. A few of the places they visited were the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin's most famous historical landmark; the Rebuilt Reichstag, which was also a historic edifice in Berlin; Museum Island, filled with many of the city's oldest and most important museums, including the Old Museum (Altes Museum), built in 1830 to house the Crown Jewels and other royal treasures; The Berlin Wall Memorial and Checkpoint Charlie; the best-known crossing point between East and West Berlin and with displays and artifacts tracing the history of human rights; Charlottenburg Palace and Park, Berlin's oldest and largest Prussian estate; The Gendarmenmarkt, one of Berlin's largest squares, dominated by the three landmark historical buildings: the Konzerthaus, the French Cathedral (Französischer Dom), and the German Cathedral (Deutscher Dom); Jewish Museum, the museum's zinc-paneled exterior makes it one of Berlin's most striking landmarks; Grosser Tiergarten and the Victory Column; Berlin Cathedral Church; Topography of Terror; Berlin Zoological Gardens, the oldest zoo in Germany and remains one of Berlin's most popular attractions; the Berlin-Dahlem Botanical Garden and Museum; the Nikolai Quarter; Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.

The entire week, Mu Liang took Mu Lan to various places in between his work. Mu Lan was very happy and excited the whole time she stayed there.

A week later, they came back to Paris, France.

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