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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 235: ALMOST DESTROYED HER IMMUNE SYSTEM

"How's her condition?" Mu Liang asked his friend.

Lu Feng solemnly looked at Mu Liang and said, "Before I tell you her condition, let me ask you something. Till yesterday, she was in France. When did she end up here in Germany?"

Mu Liang answered quickly, "Last night."

Lu Feng continued asking, "Did you give her a hard time?"

Mu Liang's eyes narrowed. He asked back, "What does that  have to do with this?"

Lu Feng sighed. He had already got what he wanted to hear. He answered truthfully, "Look, I know that you love her and it is hard for you to control your desire in front of your woman. But consider her health too. You do know that she was in coma for nine months and we made the impossible possible. It is a miracle that she is still alive. Her body functions are very poor. Even then she was at least showing signs of recovery."

He took a deep breath and continued, "However, the drug R-o almost destroyed her immune system. It nearly destroyed all her CD4 cells. Now her recovery is slower than before. My grandpa saved her by giving her some vitamins along with the antidote. That's the major reason why she isn't in hospital right now. I already gave you the reports. Knowingly how is it that you are pressuring her to these levels? This isn't like you!"

Lu Feng was really mad. He had almost lost his heart when he had performed the operation a year ago. She was in such a critical state, that it was impossible for them to make her operation successful. Even after the operation, the doctors were still doubtful if she would wake up or not.

Mu Liang felt really regretful. He was already aware of the details of Mu Lan's reports. He was even taking very good care of her. But then jealousy clouded his judgment this time. He never thought that doing this would make her suffer like that.

'How fragile is she?' Mu Liang pondered in his heart.

"I'm sorry." Mu Liang said in a low voice. His voice was apologetic.

Lu Feng sighed again. He could feel his friend's pain. He replied, "It's fine. Just take care of her. I know you mean no harm to her. The only person who cares the most about her is you. Just, don't give her too much pressure which she can't handle. And also, keep her away from danger. I'm not sure how much she can take if at all there's a next time, it would be very difficult for me to revive her again with her present fragile state."

Mu Liang's body tensed. He wanted to cage her and let her stay in front of his eyes. But he couldn't do that. Because, if he did that, it wouldn't be her anymore. And if it wasn't her, then there was no point in loving her. He wanted her alive, not dead.

So Mu Liang only could unchain her and let her roam freely around the world. He believed that if she was his, she would eventually come to his embrace.

The only thing he could do was, wait and wait for her to accept him, and wait for her to love him back.

Mu Liang sighed. It was his biggest gamble. But he still did it.

If he lost her, what would he do?

He didn't know.

Mu Liang and Lu Feng ordered their meals. Slowly they finished eating everything they had ordered. Then Lu Feng stood up to leave. Suddenly, he halted and turned to look at Mu Liang.

Mu Liang saw his action and looked at his friend.

"I forgot to ask her, I had given her a few bottles. I told her to inform me once it's over. It is already the fifth month. She hasn't informed me anything yet." Lu Feng said.

Mu Liang frowned. He asked, "What bottles? For what?"

Lu Feng was dumbstruck. How could he forget that Mu Lan didn't like to take medicines? She was so sly to cover up something like this from Mu Liang.

Lu Feng massaged his temple with his right hand while he answered, "I had given her some medicine bottles of vitamins, iron tablets and calcium. They are very active. It will help her in recovering faster."

Mu Liang sat on the chair in a daze. Then he got up. He asked with a dark tone, "Did you bring any extra bottles?"

Lu Feng nodded in reply. He answered, "The package is in the plane."

Mu Liang walked to the Presidential lift and said, "Ask your assistant to bring them."

Lu Feng  meekly replied, "Alright." He realized that his best friend was unhappy.

Then, Lu Feng prayed, 'Hope Sweet Bunny will be alright.'

Lu Feng was right. Mu Liang was unhappy. To be more precise, he was actually angry and upset. He wanted her to recover as soon as possible. He tried to hold back his desire. But Mu Lan was really careless about her wellbeing.  

The door of the lift slide opened. Mu Liang strode on the corridor and opened the door to his office. He saw that Mu Liang was sitting on the sofa and eating with great interest.

On the table there were Spätzle and Gulasch and lemonade. Spätzle was German traditional Swabian egg noodles and Gulasch was a soup with thick pieces of beef. These were Germany's top dishes.

Mu Lan was so absorbed in eating that she didn't realize Mu Liang's sudden presence.

Mu Liang had actually come to his room with an intention of punishing Mu Lan. However, looking at her angelic face, his heart immediately melted. In the next second, he frowned.

'No, I cannot be soft to her. She needs a good scolding for not taking her medicines properly.' He thought and hardened his heart and face. He slowly walked towards Mu Lan and sat beside her.

Mu Lan was startled. She looked beside her and saw Mu Liang. Her panic flew away instantly. She sipped on the lemonade and said, "Liang Liang, the food is too delicious. Here, have some." She took a spoonful of noodles to feed him. Her eyes were glittering with happiness.

At first, he noticed her sense of security and relaxed face when she saw him. Then, she called him 'Liang Liang'. Later, she praised the food he had chosen for her. And after that, she offered him some of her food from the same spoon she ate.

Mu Liang's so-called hard, rock-heart broke into pieces. A hot stream flew from the mountain.

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