Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 234: MOUTH HURTS

Mu Lan opened her mouth to sip the milk. Instantly she meekly said, "Oww!" Her face twisted with pain.

Mu Liang was alarmed. He quickly asked, "What's wrong?"

Mu Lan tried hard to speak. She slowly answered, "My mouth hurts."

Mu Liang wanted to ask 'why', but he stopped himself on time. He very well knew the reason why her mouth was sore. It was because he was big.

However, Mu Liang didn't feel guilty at all. His beloved served him so well, he needed to reward her.

Despite of that, Mu Liang wanted to tease her more. Right now, he couldn't really  resist himself from doing so, as he looked at her pouty face.

Mu Lan was hungry and yet she couldn't open her mouth to drink milk. It was all Mu Liang's fault. He made her do 'that' thing in the early morning. Though she felt shy and pitied herself, yet she wanted to complain. All those feelings mixed up together and she made an exceptional face. It made Mu Liang to bully her even more.

Mu Liang controlled his devilish desire to tease her and he coaxed her to drink milk.

Tears filled in Mu Lan's eyes as she drank the milk. 'It hurts.' She thought.

Looking at her face, Mu Liang's heart was sore as well. In a deep voice, he said, "It will be okay. Drink slowly. I will massage your face. You won't be in pain anymore."

Finally, Mu Lan finished drinking milk. Mu Liang put down the empty glass on the table and gently wiped her lips with his thumb.

Even after cleaning her mouth, Mu Liang didn't move his finger away. He continued to rub her soft lower lip.

Mu Lan's face turned red as she felt the touch of his thumb. She found the thumb warmer than usual. She timidly looked at Mu Liang and asked meekly, "W-what are you doing?" She couldn't help but stutter.   

Mu Liang said normally, "I'm massaging. Aren't you sore?"

Mu Lan hurriedly looked away. Her face was bright red.

Mu Liang's thumb occasionally went inside her mouth and would touch her warm tongue.

Mu Lan gave out an unexpected sigh. Hearing that, Mu Liang's eyes darkened. He surpassed his desire. He wouldn't dare to do something like what he did in the morning.

'What will happen if she faints again?' Mu Liang could not forget her cold body and weak pulse.

Mu Liang tried to forget her previous condition and asked her, "Where else do you feel the pain?"

Mu Lan softly said, "Cheeks."

Mu Liang massaged her face. After a while, he asked, "Is it still painful?"

Mu Lan turned red at that question. If it wasn't for him, she didn't have to undergo this pain in the first place. Thinking that, she rolled her eyes.

Mu Liang looked at her rolling eyes and chuckled. He asked huskily, "Why are you so red? Did you remember our morning activity?" His voice was teasing.

Mu Lan was so embarrassed that she didn't know where to hide her face. At last, she buried her face in Mu Liang's warm chest.

Mu Liang's heart melted at the sight. He leaned to kiss her forehead. Then he hugged her soft body.

To ruin the mood, someone knocked the door.

Mu Lan instantly froze in Mu Liang's embrace. She didn't want to show her face to anyone.

Mu Liang also didn't want to show her face to anyone. However, he knew that the one who knocked the door was Lu Feng. He knew it just the way the knock sounded.

Mu Liang said, "Come in."

Mu Lan clutched his shirt and went further inside his embrace. Mu Liang patted her back in response as if he wanted her to be rest assured.

"I left my cozy bed, flew away from France, not to watch your lovey-dovey moments." Lu Feng complained the moment he entered the room.

Mu Lan relaxed as she heard a familiar voice. She looked at him with surprise. She wanted to move away from Mu Liang's embrace, but Mu Liang held her tighter.

Mu Liang ignored his best friend's comment and complained back, "You are late."

Lu Feng wanted to choke on his own saliva. 'Damn! I left Yan Su when we were at the seventh heaven and flew away here, then get dog food, and now His Majesty is complaining. What an ungrateful friend!' Lu Feng scoffed as he thought. He defended himself, "I was at the Research Center. The moment I got your call, I flew away. Don't complain like a kid."

Lu Feng looked at Mu Lan and said "How are you feeling? I heard that you fainted."

Mu Lan understood everything the moment she heard Lu Feng's voice. Mu Liang had called him because she fainted in the morning. She had already prepared herself to answer him. But then now she was shy.

"I'm feeling weak." Mu Lan tried her best to act normal as she answered properly.

Lu Feng sat on the sofa next to her and reached his hand to check her pulse. A minute later, Lu Feng checked her eyes, tongue and asked her a few questions. After a while, his face was solemn.

Lu Feng asked Mu Liang, "Have you eaten something in the morning?"

Mu Liang replied, "Both of us haven't eaten anything yet."

Startled, Mu Lan looked at Mu Liang. 'Did he wait for me?' She thought.

Lu Feng said, "Order some nutritious food." Then he looked at Mu Lan and said, "Why don't you stay here and have your meal? I will go out with Liang." His face was all smiling. He didn't want Mu Lan to understand anything.

Mu Lan simply nodded and then she looked at Mu Liang.

Mu Liang understood her worried look. So he kissed her forehead and said, "Stay here. When you get the food, eat it. I will accompany Feng to the cafeteria. I'll be back soon" He put her down on the sofa and left with Lu Feng.

Both the friends entered the cafeteria and sat on the furthest table.  

The moment they sat down, Mu Liang asked, "How's her condition?" He noticed Lu Feng's serious face and couldn't help but worry.

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