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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 233: FAR BETTER THAN LOOKING AT HIS FACE

Mu Liang was working. After a while, he realized that his stomach was growling. He didn't have his breakfast because he wanted to have it with Mu Lan.

He glanced at Mu Lan who was still sleeping peacefully. He frowned.

'How could she still sleep like this? She didn't move even once.' He thought.

Mu Liang got up from his seat and walked towards her. He kneeled on the ground and put his right hand on her soft face.

Mu Lan's face was a little cold. Her breathing was mild.

Immediately in the next instant, Mu Liang became tensed. His frown deepened. He quickly checked her pulse.

His doubt was right. Her pulse was too weak.

Mu Liang's heart shuddered. The first thing he felt was fear, fear of losing her.

Mu Liang immediately called Lu Feng.


Lu Feng was having a wonderful time with his would-be-wife. But on getting a sudden call, he grunted. At first he didn't want to take the call. However, it was his personal cell phone. Not everyone could call him on this number.

Reluctantly, Lu Feng grabbed his cell phone and looked at the screen. He answered the call.

Lu Feng started, "If it isn't urgentā€¦."

"Take your private plane and come to Germany as soon as possible." Mu Liang impatiently cut him off his words.

Lu Feng could sense nervousness and worry from Mu Liang's voice. He immediately pulled himself off from Yan Su and got off the bed. He asked, "What happened?"

Lu Feng knew his best friend from their childhood. The only moments he saw Mu Liang get all nervous and worried was when it came to Mu Lan.

Mu Liang replied, "She fainted and her body is slightly cold and her pulse is weak."

Lu Feng hurriedly said, "I'm on my way." He hung up and started to get dressed.

Yan Su looked at him curiously. She was slightly worried. She asked, "What happened?"

Lu Feng buttoned his shirt while saying, "Mu Liang called. It's urgent. I'm heading to Germany. Be good and stay here." He kissed Yan Su's lips and left the room hurriedly.

Yan Su looked at the direction of his tracks and sighed. She thought, 'It was a good time.'


Mu Liang ordered his Assistant Ju Long to bring him a glass of hot milk. He was hugging the cold Mu Lan in his arms. He wanted to warm her up.

Mu Liang looked down on the beautiful girl and his heart hurt seeing her like this. It was just like this a year ago when she was in coma.

Mu Liang leaned down and repeatedly kissed her soft lips softly. He murmured, "Wake up. Wake up. Please darling. I beg you. Wake up."

The proud king who had conquered the world of business, pleaded his beloved wife to wake up.

Mu Liang hugged her even more closer and his face was rubbing against her cheek very tenderly.

Assistant Ju Ling knocked the door and came inside with a glass of milk. Looking at the closeness of his boss and boss's partner, his face turned red. He quickly looked the other way, kept the glass and silently left.

After closing the door of his boss's room, Assistant Ju Long sighed in relief. 'I'm going to die sooner than I expected.' He thought.

Mu Liang didn't look at his Assistant when he came to give the glass of milk. His eyes didn't leave Mu Lan's sleeping face, not even for once.

Mu Liang was constantly wishing for her to open her eyes.

However, lots of time passed by yet she didn't open her eyes.

Mu Liang closed his eyes and prayed, "If my love is true, then let her open her eyes."

He never believed in such ridiculous things before. But once when he had been to Africa, he had learnt it from the tribal people there. Now that Mu Lan had fainted without a reason and was not waking up, It truly frightened him.

Mu Liang leaned down and kissed her forehead lovingly. He touched his lips to her forehead and didn't let go. After some time, something tickled his face.

Feeling startled, Mu Liang glanced down at the woman in his arms and saw that she had blinked a few times before she finally opened her eyes. Her eyes were fuzzy due to the deep sleep.

Mu Liang felt a sense of relief and hugged her tightly in his arms. The only thing that was in his mind was, 'She woke up. She woke up.' He repeated the same line quite a few times.

Mu Lan just woke up from her deep sleep and got hugged by Mu Liang. At first she was surprised. Then she quietly enjoyed his warmth. After a few seconds, she noticed that she couldn't breathe. Mu Liang's hug was really something.

Mu Liang was repeating the same words in his mind and was saving the feeling of her body. Later, he heard a mild voice, "C-can't breatheā€¦."

Mu Liang immediately let go and cupped her face in his palms. He worriedly said, "Are you okay? Are you in pain? Are you hungry? Are you still feeling sleepy?" He asked her numerous questions.

Mu Lan looked at the man who was asking her so many questions. She saw that his eyes were full of worry.

Mu Lan was puzzled at his action and asked him, "What happened?"

Mu Liang replied, "You fainted and couldn't wake up at all."

Mu Lan tried to recall the incident before she fainted. A few seconds later, her face blushed like a red apple. She couldn't look into Mu Liang's eyes anymore and she looked down.

Mu Liang saw her reaction. He would tease her if it was some other time. However, he was still worried.

He was relieved at the sight that her face was red and he noticed her face was warmer than before.

Mu Liang grabbed the glass of milk from the table and said, "You are hungry, aren't you? Have some milk."

Mu Lan obediently drank the milk. It was far better than looking at his face.

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