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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 232: INDEED, REALITY WAS HARD TO BELIEVE

Today, the weather was colder than yesterday. It was because the sun was hiding behind the dark heavy clouds. It felt like even the sun didn't want to show itself due to the morning incident which happened in Mu Liang's bedroom.

Right now, Mu Lan was still unconscious and she was lying on the bed. On the other hand, Mu Liang was lightly kissing her all over her mouth.

However, he wasn't satisfied with merely kissing her face. He wanted to do so much more. But he held back himself.

Mu Liang swore to himself that he would never cross the line before she confessed her love for him.

It was his biggest gamble in this lifetime.

Mu Liang looked at the clock and it was half past nine. He removed the blanket and got up from the bed. He freshened up and wore his clothes.

Then, he looked at the woman who was soundly sleeping.

Mu Liang didn't have the heart to let her stay here. She was obliged to pleasure him. She had fainted because he punished her. Now that he had taken her away from everyone, how could he leave her alone here?

Mu Liang put her on his shirt and his sports pants. Both of those sizes were bigger for her. So, he folded the sleeves of the shirt and pant.

After that, Mu Liang covered her with his Kashmiri shawl and carried her downstairs.

In the garage, he put her inside the car's passenger seat and he sat on the driver's seat. Then he drove to the nearest shopping mall.

Locking the car from outside, Mu Liang bought three nylon shirts, four jeans pants, two woollen sweaters, one jacket, a muffler, four woollen caps and two pairs of winter boots only for Mu Lan.

Mu Liang quickly went back to the car, put the packets in the back seats and then, drove the car to his office.

Assistant Ju Long was waiting outside. Mu Liang gave him a packet filled with a shirt, jeans, sweater, jacket, muffler, woollen cap and a pair of winter boots.

Afterwards, Mu Liang carried the sleeping Mu Lan out of the car. Assistant Ju Long's eyes almost popped out of the sockets looking at Mu Lan's appearance.

Mu Liang glared at him for staring at his beloved wife. Then he took her to the lounge. Timidly, Assistant Ju Long followed behind them.

The moment they entered the lounge, from the security guards to the assistant directors, everyone's jaw dropped at the scene.

Their cold-hearted, cold-blooded boss actually brought a woman in his arms. Not to mention that the woman was wearing a shawl around her to cover her body; then her beautiful white slender feet were exposed, no shoes on the legs; the sports pants was folded from the bottom, making others realizing that it was definitely not her pants.

What an eye catching view!

Everyone who was there at the lounge recovered from the shock and right now they had only one wish. That was to at least catch a glimpse of this luckiest girl in the universe.

However, before they could recover from their shock, Mu Liang was gone! He was already in the Presidential capsule lift with the girl and his Assistant. So they missed the chance.

Even if they wanted to see her face, they couldn't, because Mu Lan's was facing Mu Liang's chest. So they could only manage to get a view of her side profile and with just that they'd already guessed that she was a beautiful woman.

The female employees fell into deep agony. In a second, they all became widows. Where could they hide their pain?

The male employees were overjoyed. In the past, they couldn't date their colleagues even if office romance wasn't forbidden, due to Mu Liang's overbearingly handsome appearance. Now they all had the chance.

The news of the President bringing a sleeping beauty in his clothes to his office spread as quickly as fire.

On the other side, Mu Liang was in a bad mood. When everyone were staring at his wife's delicate feet, he wanted to pull their eyes out. He regretted not putting a pair of socks on her feet.

However, looking down at the sleeping beauty who was creating a havoc in the office even though she was sound asleep, Mu Liang's eyes softened.

As soon as he reached his room, Mu Liang put her down on the sofa and took the clothes packet from his Assistant Ju Long. Then he 'shushed' him away and closed the door.

After making sure that the door was locked from inside, he strode towards the sleeping Mu Lan.

Mu Liang glanced down and caressed her soft and supple cheeks. Then he bent down and kissed her luscious rosy pink lips.

Afterwards, Mu Liang gently took her clothes off and put her on the new ones he'd just bought. Then he covered her with his shawl and went back to work.

He kept glancing at her angelic face from time to time, and every single time he looked at her, his icy cold heart would melt down.

Thus the entire room turned into spring even though cold winds were blowing outside the office.


Few minutes later, Assistant Ju Long went to his boss's room. Then, he saw that the door of his boss's room was locked. He felt very troubled. He needed to discuss some urgent matters with his boss. But now that the boss had locked the door, Ju Long couldn't dare to knock.

He went to the meeting room remorsefully. 'Fine then, I will discuss with the boss later.' He was thinking that as he entered the meeting room.

Instantly, all the directors and Assistant directors encircled him and questioned him from every side. Many of them were the female employees.

"Assistant Ju Long, who is the girl?"

"Assistant Ju Long, what is the relationship between the boss and her?"

"Assistant Ju Long, what does she do?"

"Assistant Ju Long, is she a relative?"

"Assistant Ju Long, is our boss not single anymore?"

Their numerous questions had deafened Assistant Ju Long. He could sense that something was buzzing in his head..

Assistant Ju Long held up a hand to quieten everyone.

Finally he opened his mouth.

"She is our Lady Boss. Treat her with respect and care."

He had dropped a huge bomb.

Even though they had already guessed the answer, everyone were left stunned.

Indeed, reality was hard to believe.

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