Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 231: DARLING!

[Warning: Lots of time left before they do the deed; yet under 18 strictly no entry for this chapter!]

Looking at the pure angel in front of him, Mu Liang smiled. He said hoarsely, "Don't worry. I'll teach you."

Mu Lan froze as he said 'I will teach you'. She immediately closed her eyes and her body started shaking.

She opened her mouth to say something. "I-I..." Her voice was also trembling, and she had no idea how to react to his request.

Mu Liang leaned over to her left ear and nibbled it. Mu Lan wanted to move away, but he had held her firmly in his arms.

A soft sigh came out of Mu Lan's mouth. Her eyes became teary again.

Finally, Mu Liang left her ear and said huskily, "Please darling, make me feel good."


'Is he trying to tempt me?' Thinking of it, Mu Lan's whole body shivered vigorously.

Who had the ability to refuse Mu Liang's tempting request?

Of course, only Mu Lan had the ability. She hesitantly shook her head negatively.

Mu Liang started kissing and licking her right ear.

Mu Lan wriggled in his embrace.

However, the devil was the devil. He didn't let loose his grip on her.

Mu Lan was already drenched in sweat sweaty. Mu Liang also started sweating became sweaty. He held her with his left hand and his right hand untied his sleeping robe and then, he tossed it aside. Now he was left wearing only his boxer, he made the already naked Mu Lan sit on his lap. His hands were all around her body.

Mu Lan bit her lower lip to hold back her moans.

Mu Liang noticed it and put his right hand on her chin and rubbed her wet lips with his thumb. After rubbing it for a minute, Mu Lan's lips gradually parted and gave out a sweet moan.

Mu Liang groaned. He was losing himself in the early morning.

He hoarsely requested Mu Lan, "Please darling." Then he kissed her lips deeply.

When he eventually left her lips, both of them were panting heavily.

Mu Lan couldn't look at his heating eyes. She finally caught her breath and said, "I-I will help you."

She had to agree. Or else who knew what more would Mu Liang do to her other than kissing her lips.

Mu Liang's eyes shone as she agreed. He guided her hands to his waist and said, "Take it off for me."

Mu Lan immediately turned bright red. She bit her lower lip again and shut her eyes tightly. Therefore, she missed the amusement in his eyes.

With shaky hands, Mu Lan took off his underwear.

Mu Liang then told her, "Touch here." He guided her to touch the hard thing.

Mu Lan almost felt numb.Nervousness took over her and now her entire body was shaking.

Mu Liang looked at the adorable girl like a hungry wolf. His deep eyes flashed seeing her tightly closed eyes. He leaned in and kissed her eyes. He  huskily said, "Darling, look at me. How can you please me without looking at me?"

He wanted her to see him. On the contrary, hearing him, Mu Lan closed her eyes even more tightly.

However, his repeated kisses on her eyes finally forced her to open her eyes and she accidentally looked down. Instantly, her eyes turned red.

Looking at her moist eyes and loving expression, Mu Liang felt very pleased. He couldn't have her yet. So, it wouldn't be bad to at least train her before they did the actual deed.

Mu Liang slowly started to move her hands. He sighed in pleasure. Feeling the hard thing grew bigger, Mu Lan became nervous and grabbed it tightly. Mu Liang gave out a slight groan. He wasn't prepared for this sudden attack. It almost got him to the verge of his release.

Hearing Mu Liang's groan, Mu Lan felt even more nervous and her hands shook violently.

Looking at her pitiful state, Mu Liang became even  more devilish. He looked like a hunter glancing down at his prey. He did not want to stop now no matter what.

Mu Liang leaned down to kiss her passionately. Their warm tongues locked together.

After a while, Mu Liang said hoarsely, "Darling, use your mouth."

Mu Lan almost fainted on the spot. Her eyes grew bigger than the moon. She was lightly sobbing.

Mu Liang guided her head and said, "Do it, Darling." His voice was slightly trembling with excitement.

As soon as Mu Lan's mouth touched the hard thing, she realized that she had lost the virginity of her ears, eyes and mouth all together.

Mu Liang guided her along the process and his voice was becoming huskier as he moaned and then he said, "Very good… Darling is do-ing well…." His hands were caressing her hair.

The moment Mu Lan's mouth felt "it, she became increasingly tensed. Her body became warm. This intimacy was a whole new experience for her and it slightly scared her. She quivered as tears rolled down her eyes. But her mouth was working on it's own subconsciously. Her head was spinning.

In the next few minutes, Mu Lan felt something warm inside her mouth and everything turned black.

After giving out a loud groan, Mu Liang panted heavily.

For the first time feeling something like this, he couldn't control his body. He really wanted her to do it longer. His fuzzy gaze started getting clearer slowly. His rapid heartbeats started to calm down as well.

The room was filled with the smells of sweat and something sultery.

'She did well as a newcomer.' Mu Liang smiled with ultimate ecstasy and satisfaction.

Feeling something amiss, he looked down and found that Mu Lan had lost her consciousness on the spot.

Mu Liang chuckled at the scene. He gazed at her lovingly.

He tenderly hugged her for some time and then, laid her on the bed. He leaned over to kiss her lips and tasted himself.

Mu Liang went to the bathroom and brought back two soaked towels. Firstly, he cleaned her mouth thoroughly. Secondly, he wiped her whole body. Thirdly, he covered her with a blanket and then he went to have a bath.

Ten minutes later, he came out of the bathroom with a towel on his lower waist.

Mu Liang sat on the bed and caressed Mu Lan's sleeping face. He kissed her forehead with full of love and said deeply, "Darling, don't act as someone else's girlfriend again. Or I might as well punish you like this again."

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