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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 230: I WILL TEACH YOU

Louise looked at the man in front of her.

The man said, "Bring her to me. I want that woman."

His eyes flashed in the sunlight.

Louise was deep in thought. 'What is so special about that girl? Is it for revenge? Why are both Feng and him desiring her? I should get rid of her. That way, Feng will notice me. If Ruddy wants to take her away, then I should help him. Thus, Feng won't be able to find a way to get back to her.'

However, she truly underestimated Mu Feng. It was probably because she didn't know his hidden identity.

Louise looked at the man and asked, "Do you want to get revenge for Anne? It was Anne's fault in the first place."

Ruddy snickered and asked back, "Who would want to take revenge for that sl*t?"

Louise flashed a mocking smile. She asked, "Calling your own sister a sl*t, aren't you going too far?"

Ruddy smirked and replied, "I only want to hurt that woman for making me abandon my luxurious life. I'm only here to avenge for myself and not for that sl*ty sister of mine."

Louise asked him, "What are you planning on doing to her?"

Ruddy laughed aloud. He asked, "What? Are you worried for her?"

Louise showed a disdainful expression. "Who is worried? I'm just curious." She replied.

Ruddy didn't answer her question. He asked her, "So, are you in or not?"

Louise was still doubtful. Therefore, she hesitated at first.

Ruddy saw her hesitation and narrowed his eyes. He said with a warning tone, "I still have the video of us of that night years ago. Are you sure that you don't want to help me?"

Louise's face became deathly pale. In the next second, she cursed him.

Ruddy laughed loudly and said nothing. He kept looking at her face.

Louise had no other choice but to agree with him. It was indeed a win-win situation for both of them.

She answered, "Okay. You get the girl and I get Feng. Deal."

Both of them cheered together while drinking red wine.


Mu Lan's eyes flew open. She almost forgot to breathe.

How could she think that Mu Liang was sleeping?

Actually, Mu Liang was sleeping. However, when his beloved was trying so hard to love him behind his back, he couldn't control himself.

Though he knew that he was still far away from doing the actual "deed", yet he didn't stop himself from loving her. He wanted her to realize that there was still someone who loved her with all his heart.

If he could do that, there was still a chance for him to have her heart forever even if she got back her memories.

Mu Liang twirled his tongue with hers and thus both their tongues danced together inside his mouth.

Mu Lan wanted to pull out her tongue, but then he didn't stop chasing her tongue while he tasted her mouth.

Mu Lan felt dizzy. Warmth rushed to her face. She sighed and moaned softly.

Her hands which were subconsciously pushing him away, encircled around his neck and pulled him towards her.

Mu Liang noticed that he had hardened. He grunted and his hands found their ways to her shirt's buttons. His hands began to unbutton them one by one.

After a long kiss, Mu Liang glanced down at her. Looking at her enticing face and soft pantings, his eyes darkened.

In the meantime, he had unbuttoned her night shirt and in the light of the dawn, he saw her alluring body.

Mu Lan saw him looking at her with great interest, her already red face turned even more red. Hurriedly she tried to hide her bosom, but Mu Liang caught them in time.

He kissed her palms, wrists, arms as he kept looking at her reaction.

Realizing that he was teasing her, Mu Lan almost cried out.

Seeing her pitiful face, Mu Liang nearly lost himself.

He leaned down and licked and nibbled both of her ears.

Their hands intertwined and Mu Lan let out loud moans. After all, ears were her sensitive spots.

Mu Lan felt that his lips went south of her body. Her nipples tensed up. She bit her lower lip to stop herself from moaning.

Understanding her plan, Mu Liang tenderly kissed her lips and said huskily closer to her left ear, "If you try to stop yourself from moaning, I'll do you."

Mu Lan froze on the spot. Their hearts were beating at the same tempo.

Mu Lan stopped biting her lips. Mu Liang smiled teasingly and nibbled her bosom. Mu Lan gave out a loud cry.

His left hand went further south and touched her. Mu Lan's whole body tensed up.

Mu Liang said soothingly, "Relax, we won't do it without your consent. Trust me."

Mu Lan believed him. She slowly relaxed her body and Mu Liang moved  is fingers. Mu Lan trembled at his touch and tried to close her legs.

Mu Liang didn't let her do that. He quickly moved in between her legs before she could close them.

Who knew that Mu Liang was so skillful with his fingers?

Soon, Mu Lan felt a strange feeling inside her body and she gave out a loud moan. She lost all her energy. She panted heavily. Looking at her lovable face, Mu Liang stopped stroking his fingers.

Then he repeatedly kissed her lips to calm her down.

Mu Lan's head was spinning. Her eyes were teary. She could hardly think of anything.

She didn't know how much time passed by before she could calm down.

Mu Liang remained stiff. He was feeling uncomfortable. He released their intertwined hands and took her left hand between his legs.

Feeling the hardness, Mu Lan also stiffened. She bit her lower lip as she was embarrassed.

Mu Liang sat her down as he also sat up. He looked at her eyes deeply and asked in a hoarse voice, "Can you feel me? Can you make me feel good the way I did to you?"

Mu Lan's body trembled. She stuttered, "I-I don't know how..." to do it. She couldn't finish her sentence.

Looking at the pure angel in front of him, Mu Liang smiled. He said hoarsely, "Don't worry. I'll teach you."

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