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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 229: OUR BOSS ISN'T IMPOTENT

After hearing his words, Mu Lan's entire face turned red.

'How can he even say such things? So shameless!' Mu Lan was embarrassed.

She tried to hide her shyness and asked, "When l will go outside, how can I wear your shirt? I will feel uncomfortable." She tried to act like a good girl.

But how could she forget that it was Mu Liang that she was talking to? He could read her entire thoughts.

Mu Liang stroked her hair and said, "Don't worry. If you feel uncomfortable, just be naked and stay in front of me. No need to go out."

Mu Lan was utterly speechless by his shamelessness. Then she pouted and was about to cry.

Mu Liang's eyes darkened seeing her cuteness. He slowly leaned over her.

Mu Lan hurriedly moved away. But the more she moved away, the more he came closer. In the end, Mu Lan's back touched the wall of the plane. It felt cold.

Mu Liang came closer and kissed her lips deeply. Mu Lan trembled and tried to push him away.

Mu Liang noticed her resistance and stopped kissing her. He put his mouth close to her right ear and asked in a husky voice, "What are you ashamed of? Is there any part of your body that I didn't see?" He used his teasing tone.

Mu Lan's entire body stiffened and she shuddered. She was too embarrassed to look at him.

Watching her reaction, Mu Liang smiled and kissed her right temple. Then, he took her inside his warm embrace.

Mu Lan didn't resist and she was silently staying in his arms without any movement.

Mu Liang gently rubbed her hair, making her nearly fall asleep. Seeing this, he asked in a soft voice, "Do you want to sleep?"

Mu Lan silently nodded. She was tired and the strokes on the head were more like sleeping pills to her right now.

Mu Liang laid down on the soft bed as he was hugging her. She was on the top of his body. He kissed her forehead and said softly, "Go to sleep."

In a few minutes, Mu Lan fell asleep. However, it didn't make Mu Liang stop stroking her. He did it until they reached the German airport.

Watching her sleeping like a baby, Mu Liang didn't have the heart to wake her up. He simply covered her with his coat and took her in his arms. Mu Lan stirred up a little. She moved more inside his arms to find a comfortable place in his embrace. Mu Liang's heart melted at the site. He lowered his face and kissed her lips softly. Then he walked towards the door of the plane.

It was already night. The airport was illuminating hundreds of lights in the dark night.

Mu Liang strode inside the airport. He saw some directors of his Germany branch were waiting for him.

However, they were not in the mood to greet him. They were dumbstruck as they saw a woman in their boss's arms. Her face was covered as her head was in his chest. Though they couldn't see her face, they were speechless.

In their minds, some thoughts were spinning over and over again.

'Boss is actually carrying a woman!'

'At least, our boss isn't impotent.'

'There is a woman in his arms!'

'Who is this woman? A relative?'

'Who could make our boss fall for her? She must be a lioness.'

All sorts of thoughts were playing in their heads. So they didn't notice that their boss crossed them without hesitation.

When they realized, their boss went inside the car and Assistant Ju Long started the engine of the car.


The car stopped inside the residential area. In an expensive building, Mu Liang had two flats. Mu Liang liked to live on the eighteenth floor.

With Mu Lan in his arms, Mu Liang went inside the building. He took her in the flat and laid her down on the bed.

Effortlessly, Mu Liang took off her shoes, jacket, cap, drees and in the end, her brasserie. Afterward, he made her wear his sleeping shirt. It covered her upper thighs. Looking at that, Mu Liang didn't help her to wear night pajamas.

After putting her to sleep, Mu Liang took a bath and then he finally settled down on the bed. He hugged Mu Lan's petite body and fell asleep.

In the morning, when Mu Lan woke up, it was already dawn. She blinked twice and noticed that she was in a different bedroom. It was luxurious and comfortable. More importantly, as she moved her head, she discovered a handsome man sleeping beside her.

'What a delicious treat first thing in the morning.' Mu Lan thought with a mischievous smile on her lips.

Mu Lan stretched out her right hand and touched Mu Liang's face. His forehead was majestic. He had a sharp nose and thick warm lips. His skin was creamy and flawless. His handsome face was giving a kingly vibe.

Mu Lan smiled and moved to kiss his lips. Her hands were around Mu Liang as she gave him light pecks on his lips.

When she kissed his lips and Mu Liang didn't wake up, Mu Lan became bold and smacked his lips harder. She also licked his lips.

Even licking his lips didn't make Mu Liang wake up from his dreamland. Therefore, Mu Lan tried to enter her tongue inside his mouth. It took her minutes to achieve her goal.

Mu Lan giggled and tried to find Mu Liang's tongue. Her tongue touched his warm teeth. Then entering more, she finally found her target.

Her target was warm and soft. She poked it a few times and twirled the tongue around hers.

Mu Lan was too busy to play with Mu Liang's tongue. Therefore she didn't notice the sudden changes.

Something like, that her waist was circled with a pair of manly hands. And also, Mu Liang's tongue began to play with her tongue. And after that, Mu Liang pinned Mu Lan down on the bed.

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