Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 228: WEAR MINE

Mu Lan was struggling hard. But the person who had grabbed her was stronger than her. She couldn't find any other option left. Hence she bit the palm of the person who was covering her mouth. The person immediately removed his hand. Mu Lan had now got a chance to scream . However, before she could let out a scream her lips were sealed by the other person's lips That person's hands were on her back, holding her tightly.At first, Mu Lan was terrified. Her eyes were closed. She forgot to resist. She was so nervous that her body was shaking. Suddenly, she found the person's scent quite familiar. Feeling stunned, she slowly opened her eyes and saw the oh-so familiar face.Within an instant, Mu Lan relaxed. Her hands which were trying to wriggle free of that person's grip a moment ago, had now encircled his neck.The kiss was deep. That person was nibbling and sucking her lower lip. It was like, he was devouring her. Mu Lan also started to nibble his upper lip. Soon, they changed angles and started kissing each other even more passionately.Mu Lan almost stopped breathing. Due to the lack of oxygen, Mu Lan opened her mouth to breathe. She even forgot that she had a nose to breath. This gave the other person a chance to enter his tongue and it twirled around her soft tongue.Mu Lan moaned at their intimacy. Her whole body became hot. Even the cold weather couldn't touch her skin. Tears formed in her eyes. She was feeling a little fuzzy. After a long time, that person left her lips. Their tongues were connected with a single thread of saliva. Both of them were panting.Mu Lan's legs gave out and she almost fell on the floor. However, that person caught her with his right hand well in time and hugged her close to his solid chest. Mu Lan's head was leaning on his warm chest. She could hear his crazy heartbeats. She felt surprised to notice that both of their hearts were beating at the same tempo.That man held her chin gently with his left hand and made her look at him. He saw her moist eyes, red face and swollen lips.He rubbed her lips a few times. Then he leaned to kiss her softly. Mu Lan felt butterflies in her stomach and shivered slightly. She mumbled, "H-how?""Mmm.?" That man asked her while giving her butterfly kisses."How.. mnn... come mm.. you huh here..?" In between kisses and moans, Mu Lan asked that man.That person didn't stop kissing her, yet he answered, "You missed me." Then, he kissed her neck.Mu Lan felt ticklish and moved closer to him. She moaned, "Mmm.. Liang Li.. ang" She didn't realize when he loosened her jacket.After a while, when Mu Lan was almost losing conscious, Mu Liang let her go.Even then Mu Lan was still airy headed. She couldn't feel anything.Mu Liang stroked her hair and asked her, "What did you tell to that interior designer?"Mu Lan couldn't understand the situation. She asked, "Louise?" Mu Liang answered, "Mm."Mu Lan was in no position to think about it. So she asked, "What did I say?"Mu Liang sighed and replied, "Feng, hot touch, pregnancy Do you remember now?"Now, Mu Lan understood. She asked him, "Did you spy on me?"Mu Liang felt no regret or guilt as he replied, "Hmm. I was worried about you."Mu Lan questioned again, "Are you mad?"Mu Liang replied again with patience, "I am." Yet, he didn't show his anger.Mu Lan said innocently, "I did it for brother Feng and my best friend. I was just pretending you know that."Her face was so cute that Mu Liang couldn't help but kiss her again.However, by now Mu Lan had regained her composure. Hence she moved away from his face. She asked, "How come you came in so quickly?"Mu Liang couldn't kiss her lips therefore he moved his lips on to the other parts of her face. He answered in brief, "My jet."Mu Lan moved her face because she was sensitive when it came to her ears.'So he took his jet plane to come here.' She could hardly think.She asked him further, "Weren't you in the middle of a meeting?"Mu Liang never lied. So he couldn't lie to her either. He replied, "Hmm. Ju Long took care of the meeting. Don't worry."Mu Lan really felt guilty. She thought a mere text from her would in no way get him here since he was in Germany. But then no, she had misjudged his capacities."I'm sorry." Mu Lan said pitifully.Mu Liang stopped kissing her neck and looked down at her. He asked, "Why?""I texted you." Mu Lan was feeling guilty.Mu Liang's eyes narrowed. He said, "Text me everyday from now on. And also, you have to compensate."Mu Lan nodded in agreement. However she asked, "Is it because I texted you?"Mu Liang kissed her lips lightly and said, "No, it's because you said that Mu Feng was your boyfriend."Mu Lan was stunned. She couldn't utter a single word.Mu Liang swiftly took her in his arms and walked out of the narrow alley.Mu Lan was startled and asked him, "Where are you taking me?"Mu Liang kissed her forehead and said, "I'm here. What are you worried for?"Mu Lan hugged his neck and hid her face at the crook of his neck. She breathed in his manly scent and kept quiet. She was feeling shy for kissing Mu Liang in public.As Mu Liang was out of the narrow alley, a car came by their side. It was Mu Liang's car. Ronald hurriedly opened the door and Mu Liang took Mu Lan inside the car.The car drove to their Mu Mansion. Ronald took the car close to the runway.Mu Liang took Mu Lan on their private jet and made her sit on the bed. Mu Lan was looking inside the plane totally awe-struck. It was more like a house than a plane.Mu Liang took off her boots and said, "Take some rest. We will arrive soon."Mu Lan blinked in confusion. She asked, "Arrive? Where? Don't tell me we are going to Germany?"Mu Liang said, "Compensation." One word was enough to make her understand everything.She panicked and asked him again, "What about my clothes?"Mu Liang nonchalantly answered, "Wear mine."

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