Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 227: I WANT HER

Louise was walking beside the Seine river. She was frustrated. She was thinking about Mu Lan's words.Whenever she remembered the word 'pregnant', she would stomp her legs on the road and would cry out.Her immature action would make others wonder that she was a famous interior designer.Louise saw a boat. It was empty. She hired the entire boat.She downed the red wine glasses one after another. In the end her head was literally on the table. Her half opened eyes were staring at the beautiful sight of Paris. She was so drunk that they looked unfamiliar to her.Louise recalled Mu Lan's happy face, shy expression and dark excited eyes. She gritted her teeth.'Who does she think she is? What right does she have to be able to get Feng's affection? She came out of nowhere and took my place which I have been planning to take over from a long time. I hate her. I hate her!'Louise wanted to scream, but she didn't. Her eyes were red with fury and tears formed in her eyes due to the rage. Her face had ashened and her nose and ears were red.All her plans to be the perfect woman of Mu Feng, to be Mu Family's second mistress, to be able to become the richest woman, and to be able to get one of the most handsome man were all doomed, by one simple girl. For what? Because of her beautiful face!Louise could not handle it. Her pride could not handle it.Louise hated her. She hated Mu Lan to the core."Well, well, look who it is! Isn't it the famous interior designer Louise Fontaine? Why is she in such a miserable state? Don't tell me, it is because of jealousy?" A voice said. The tone was full of mockery.Louise looked at the person to bicker, but not a single word came out of her mouth. Her eyes were wide open. At last, she could finally say, "You..?"------Mu Lan was walking on the streets, enjoying the view. Her face had a slight smirk. 'Did she think that she could be with my brother Feng? As long as I am alive, no one can break the wonderful relation between my brother Feng and my best friend Ying.' Mu Lan thought to herself.She recalled the previous incident and Louise's pale face. Mu Lan laughed aloud.'That was fun.' She gave a toothy grin.The chilly weather suddenly felt great. She glanced up to the sky and felt the sunlight. She felt warm.Mu Lan was walking beside a vacant alley. She was absentmindedly walking therefore, she didn't notice the abnormality.All of a sudden, a strong arm covered her mouth and with another hand took her further away inside the alley.Mu Lan tried to struggle but that person was stronger than her. No matter how much she wriggled, she couldn't break free.------Louise looked at the person as he was a stranger. She said, "You." Her tongue was tied.The man smirked. He asked, "What? Tongue-tied? Can't believe that I'm here?"Louise became alert. She asked back, "Why are you here? Aren't you supposed to.?" "I came today early in the morning. I wanted to meet you. So I went to your workplace. I saw you going out and I chased you." The man said.Louise tried to recall today's incidents. She was at work. Then she went to the cafeteria and met Mu Lan.Louise looked at the man with her pale face. 'Does it mean that he saw me with her?'She asked him, "Why are you here? I already hired the whole entire boat to myself."The man sat across her chair and took an empty glass beside Louise's wine glass. Then he poured the red wine and drank the entire glass. Then he glanced at the pale woman in front of him said, "I saw you with that girl in the cafe. I heard everything that you guys were talking."Louise's face became sour. She felt disgusted and told him, "Haven't you been taught not to eavesdrop? Where is your manner?"The man laughed loudly. He said, "Wasn't I well mannered enough not to let my friends attack you years ago when you were drunk? You are very ungrateful Louise."Louise's face became deathly pale. She questioned him back with a quivering tone, "You! What do you want?"The man replied, "What if I tell you that I want you? I mean the reason you pretended to be a pure lass, is not valid anymore. Mu Feng is taken."Louise's face turned red. The man wasn't sure whether it was that she was embarrassed or angry. He looked at her chest area and smirked. "They have grown." His voice was flirtatious.Louise stood up and screamed, "You are a disgrace to your family, you son of a b****!"The man's expression didn't change even for the slightest. He said, "That's true. I'm a son of a b****. Actually I found out that every woman in this world is a b****."Louise was standing still. She didn't want to talk to him anymore. She lost her patience.She pointed out to the door and said, "Leave. Let me live in peace."The man said, "Are you sure that you will be able to find peace? I mean when Mu Feng gets married to that woman.." He didn't continue and looked at Louise's change of expression.Louise trembled vigorously when she imagined Mu Feng's marriage with that girl Lan.'I can't let them get married. I cannot accept her. Not her. It has to be me. It has to be me.' She thought. Her expression was vicious.The man smirked as he saw that his plan was working successfullyl.He said, "Join me."Louise looked at him with confusion.The man said, "Join me to get that woman. And then, you can have Mu Feng to yourself."Louise finally understood his plan. Her eyes shone.The man said, "Bring her to me. I want that woman."His eyes flashed in the sunlight.

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