Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 226: WORKING ON IT

Mu Lan rubbed her tummy which was hurting due to her excessive laughter. But now, she was feeling guilty too.After thinking about it for a while she came up with a plan. Mu Lan sent a text again, 'If you neglect your work, I won't send you a text like, *I miss you*.'It didn't even take two minutes before she got a reply from Mu Liang. He answered, 'Okay, Your Highness, I'll be back in a week. Just stay away from that inferior designer till I come back.' Mu Lan frowned. 'Did he mean Louise Fontaine by inferior designer? It must be her. But why?' Her thoughts wandered around.She chewed down the pastry and went home.------The next day, Yan Su woke up with a sorry body. She opened her eyes and looked around. It was early in the morning. The windows were open. Cool breeze blew inside the room. Yan Su felt cold.Lu Feng was nowhere in the room.Yan Su gritted her teeth. 'Oh, he already left after he had his fill.' She thought as she fumed with rage.She wanted to get up but the moment she twisted her body a little, her whole body trembled due to the pain, especially the lower part of her body. She cried in pain.Yan Su was physically fit and she had lots of training in martial arts. She also had a lot of strength. However, yesterday's activity was simply different from her previous training. Her outer parts of the body was completely alright. But the pain of the inner part was blowing off her mind.The pain was unbearable and it shook her whole body. The pain was so much that she even forgot to curse Lu Feng. When Lu Feng entered the room with a tray full of food, he saw her twisting in the bed."Good morning, Yan Su. How is the pain in your body?" Lu Feng asked as he put down the tray and looked at her.For some reason, Yan Su glared at him viciously.Lu Feng hid his smile. He checked her pulse and said, "I brought an ointment for you. Let me apply it before we start eating.Controlling his lust, Lu Feng applied the medicine on her painful body parts. Yan Su enjoyed his touch as she grinned.After they finished eating corn soup, vegetable pasta and ice cream, Yan Su let out a satisfied groan. Lu Feng looked at the clock and injected her a liquid medicine. Then he said, "This is the last of your medicine. You don't need to take it anymore. Just stay away from wine, whiskey and any other sort of alcohol for a year. Take rest for another two days. Also, you can leave tomorrow."Yan Su complained, "I love wine. How am I supposed to live without it?"Lu Feng looked at her and gave her a loving smile. He tenderly brushed her hair with his fingers and replied, "Just imagine a child inside your belly. I know you can do it."Yan Su laughed and said, "As long as you don't drill me to death, I will happily stay away from red wine."Lu Feng almost choked to death. 'Does she know what she is talking about? Let's see, who can resist this for an entire year.' He wondered.Lu Feng smiled at her and replied, "Sure. As long as you are healthy, I will happily oblige."He took out a bottle of olive oil and continued, "Let me massage your body." Then he started to take off her maxi dress.Since childhood, Yan Su liked body massage. So she happily nodded. But, after five minutes, she realized that how stupid she was.Lu Feng was really good at body massage. Yan Su didn't know where he learned that. Soon, she started moaning. She couldn't help herself under his excellent handiwork.Lu Feng knew how to trick Yan Su. After he massaged her shoulders, his hands went south. When his hands went to her bosom, he pinched her lightly. Yan Su shivered and let out a luscious moan. She wanted to bite her tongue off, but Lu Feng groped her. It made her writhe in pleasure.Thirty minutes later, Yan Su was soaked in sweat. She was panting heavily. Her face was red and tears formed in her eyes.Lu Feng washed his hands. He looked at his woman who was lying on the bed. The sunlight fell on her naked body, making her attractive.Lust filled Lu Feng's eyes. He quickly made her put on the dress. As he tried to leave, Yan Su grabbed his hand.Lu Feng looked at his left hand where Yan Su grabbed him. His wrist, which was captured by the beautiful woman, was burning.Lu Feng glanced at her darkly, and asked with a hoarse voice, "What is it?" Yan Su, who was still panting, replied, "Don't leave." Lu Feng let her hand go and said, "I have works to do. Stay here like a good girl. I will visit you during the lunch time."Yan Su clutched his shirt and made him look at her again. She softly said, "I want you."Lu Feng froze on the spot.If there was a man who resisted his woman's invitation, that man was an impotent.Lu Feng was very manly. He knew how to pleasure his woman.Some time later, Lu Feng caressed her naked body and asked, "Who just said that she didn't want her beloved to drill her?"Yan Su, who was quietly enjoying his touch, replied, "Past is a history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. We should forget what was in the past and enjoy the present." Lu Feng laughed aloud and kissed her lips. Then he said, "You are right." He was quiet for a while, then said, "Let's go to your parents house after you recover."Yan Su's heart raced as she looked at him. She asked, "What about your parents?" Lu Feng answered, "I already talked to them. They said that as long as we can give them grandchildren, they have nothing to say."Yan Su giggled and nodded. "We will give them children soon."Lu Feng answered, "I already told them that we were working on it." He said it like a matter of fact.Yan Su looked at him with utter shock. She was left speechless.'How could I get such a shameless person like him?' She wondered.

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