Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 225: HONEY TRAP

"Louise, for how long have you known Feng?" Mu Lan asked sweetly.Louise Fontaine was startled by Mu Lan's sudden change of behavior. She pondered over for some time before saying, "Since childhood. We would play together at Ju Long's parental house whenever Feng would come to France. Maybe you didn't know that Feng was born in Italy and he lived there. It's only in the recent times that he's moved here to France." Louise tried to show off before Mu Lan that she was better informed than her about Mu Feng. Little did she know that Mu Feng had already told Mu Lan about Mu Family's history.Mu Lan looked at Louise with awe. She said, "You really know each other from your childhood. I feel envious." She pouted.Her expression made Louise feel much better. She smiled triumphantly and said, "Don't be. After all, you are Feng's girlfriend." Her 'girlfriend' phrase sounded more like a 'mistress' or a 'concubine'.Mu Lan's eyes glittered hearing Louise's comment. She replied shyly, "You are right. The time we spend together is neither like your childhood or business collaboration. Feng is very passionate when it comes to love." Mu Lan acted like a newlywed bride who was sharing her wedding night story with her friends.Mu Lan prayed inwardly, 'Forgive me brother Feng.'The moment, she said about Mu Feng being a passionate lover, Louise's face turned pale.Mu Lan pretended not to see the reaction Louise had. She continued, "Feng's touch is like a volcano and he always says sweet words."Louise slightly trembled. She knew that Mu Feng never let women touch his body, no matter how flirtatious he was. Even, Louise wouldn't dare to touch him. Once when she did touch him in their high school, his eyes immediately had turned cold. She could never forget that experience.However, Mu Lan was too deep in thinking of her 'lover' right now to notice it.Mu Lan kept saying, "Feng never takes another woman to his room. So you might not know how extinguish his taste is. When I first went to his room, I couldn't help praising his taste. Then he said that he had got his room designed only for me." Mu Lan giggled as she said.Louise opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out. She had heard from their friends that Mu Feng had a luxurious bar in his west wing. He had complete control over his world and no women were allowed to go to the Mu Mansion except the family members and maids.As Mu Feng's childhood friend, Louise had the permission to visit Mu Mansion. Though, she had an urge to go to the third floor to Mu Feng's room, she wasn't allowed to even take a single step towards the stairs.Nevertheless, Louise was happy and proud that she had the right to visit Mu Mansion which was every girl's dream in Paris.However, on hearing Mu Lan about her going to Mu Feng's room, it shook Louise greatly.Mu Lan continued, "A week ago, I almost thought that I was pregnant. I was really terrified. I have my exams in a few days. How can I have morning sickness? Then Dr. Lu Feng checked and reassured me that I wasn't pregnant. I really have to persuade him to use protection." Mu Lan's ears were turning red. 'What am I saying?' She was feeling a bit embarrassed.Though Mu Lan had said a lot, Louise's ears shut down after she heard the single word 'pregnant'. It was a huge blow to her. At first, Louise couldn't hear the sounds around her. Her head was spinning. She could neither feel or sense anything.A few minutes later, her head started thinking again.'Pregnant.... She said that she was almost. almost pregnant. Then, it means that they already. they already did did it..' As Louise absentmindedly thought about it, the cup from her hand fell on the floor.Crash! The sudden breaking sound of the cup caught many people's attention. They looked at where Mu Lan and Louise Fontaine were sitting.Louise's chain of thoughts broke as she heard the sound as well. At first, she was puzzled. Realizing that she broke the cup, Louise apologized to the owner and paid her bill. Louise was about to get up from the chair, Mu Lan suddenly sniffed in the air and asked her, "Louise, do you smell a burnt odor. I'm getting a burning odor of barbecue. It smells delicious though."What she meant was Louise's heart was burning with jealousy.Louise almost choked on her own saliva. She clearly understood what Mu Lan meant. She gritted her teeth and answered negatively. Later, She clumsily said goodbye to Mu Lan and then left hurriedly.Louise's arrogance which she showed when she first came into the cafe was completely destroyed. Her face was frighteningly pale when she was leaving.From the moment, the cup fell on to the floor, Mu Lan had no change in her reaction. She simply looked at Louise's reaction. While looking at how her arrogant face turned pale, Mu Lan enjoyed every second of it.After Louise left, Mu Lan slowly finished her ice cream and ordered a pastry.At that time, she couldn't control her laughter anymore and she burst out laughing. Startled, many customers looked at her. But she didn't pay any heed to them. Mu Lan laughed until her stomach hurt.'She fell for my honey trap! Oh! Just looking at her expression makes me delighted.' She thought.Mu Lan wished she could record what just happened. But she wouldn't dare do that. It might make someone else drink vinegar.She took out her cell phone and texted someone, 'I miss you. Hurry home.' Mu Lan didn't have to wait too long. Two minutes later, she got a reply.'I miss you the most. I'll be coming home in four days.'Mu Lan's eyes nearly popped out of her sockets.'Is he serious? His trip is for a week. How come can he shorten the trip and hurry home.' Mu Lan wanted to break her head with her own hands because of her stupidity.She clearly understood. If it wasn't for her 'I miss you' text, he wouldn't do that.

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