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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 224: LET ME KEEP IT A SECRET

Lu Feng smiled at her condition. His heart was finally at ease. He kissed her nose and said, "As long as you want it that way, I'm happy to oblige." Yan Su sneered as she said, "Just because I'm marrying you, that doesn't mean that I love you. So don't be so overjoyed."Lu Feng was utterly speechless. A few minutes later, he asked, "What did you just say? Then why do you want to marry me?" His heart was about to tear apart.Yan Su replied, "I'm only marrying you because you are juicy and se*y in bed."Lu Feng was dumbstruck. His eyes narrowed. 'Has she forgotten that we both are naked?' He thought. 'How on earth did I fall for this stupid woman?'He slowly approached her and uncovered the quilt. "If you like my performance in bed you had to tell me sooner, don't you think so Yan Su?"His voice was dangerously deep. It alerted Yan Su."What are you up to?" She frowned and asked. She tried to cover her body but Lu Feng's strong arms stopped her.He asked, "What do you think?" Before she could say anything, her lips were covered by his hungry lips. When Yan Su started kissing him back with the same passion, Lu Feng's hands travelled all over her body boldly. Yet again, their frictions and moans filled the entire room in no time.------When Yan Su woke up, the sky had already bid goodbye. Her room was filled with bright white light of the bulb.She looked at her body. When she had fainted because of head stimulations, Lu Feng had wiped her body with a wet towel and he had also put a new maxi on her.Yan Su smiled at his gentleness, still she didn't forget to curse him 'pervert' in her mind. It was too much. She looked at the man who was sitting next to her.When Lu Feng glanced at her, Yan Su rolled her eyes.He asked her with amusement, "Does it hurt?"It didn't need a brain to understand what he meant by 'it'.Yan Su's face was red with fury. Since she was too tired to bicker, she meekly said, "Am I your human s*x machine?" Lu Feng tried to be innocent and asked her back, "What are you saying? It was you who said that I was juicy and se*y in bed. As I was very pleased at your compliment, I gave you a reward."Lu Feng was simply enjoying her vulnerable side. Yan Su was annoyed. She gritted her teeth and cursed him in her heart.Lu Feng asked her with curiosity, "When you played with my heart all these years, I didn't mind at all. But why did you have a sudden change of heart and seduced me? Saying so lusciously that you wanted me."Yan Su replied with pride. "I have a wise friend. She told me that if I liked your touch, the next time you flirt with me, I had to take advantage of that situation."The moment she said it, Xue Lin's stoic face came into Lu Feng's mind. He asked her, "That wise friend of yours, is it Xue Lin?" Yan Su shook her head and said, "No, it is Lan Dear." When he was so sure about the answer, as Mu Lan's name came from her mouth, Lu Feng froze.'Did Yan Su say that it was Sweet Bunny? How could it be?' For some reason, he had his doubts.Lu Feng caressed her smooth skin and asked her, "When did she give you such an extraordinary idea? I don't remember her coming over to see you."Yan Su replied, "I had called her today in the morning and she gave me this idea." She didn't try to think much on what was in his mind.Lu Feng's brain was working like a roller coaster now, just like when he was thinking of creating a new medicine in the morning, when he also got a lesson from Xue Lin.He frowned and asked further, "What was the time?"Yan Su was falling asleep again. She heard him and answered meekly, "Around nine." Her voice slowly faded away.Lu Feng checked his cell phone and saw that Xue Lin texted him around nine too. Lu Feng suddenly wanted to laugh. He looked down at the sleepy woman and thought in his mind, 'Stupid woman, you were sold out to me by your two trusted friends and here you are sleeping so soundly. But I'm not going to tell you. What if you get furious and leave me alone? Let me keep it as a secret.'To hide his laughter, Lu Feng repeatedly kissed all over her face.------Mu Lan was having an ice cream when someone called out. She looked up at the person and saw that it was none other than Louise Fontaine.Mu Lan smiled at her and said, "Hi Louise, what brings you here? Please, have a seat."Louise smiled back and replied, "My office is close to this cafe. I come here quite often." She took her seat and continued,sat down and continued, "And don't be so formal around me. After all, Feng and me are childhood friends. I know him very well. He won't like it if you who became his girlfriend recently, be so formal around his long time friend. Don't you think so?" Mu Lan almost choked as she tried to hide her smile. She sensed her provocation as clear as the day.'Am I smelling vinegar?'Yesterday, if Qi Ying wasn't busy to accompany Yan Su, she would be with Mu Feng to meet Louise.Mu Lan thanked Qi Ying's luck. If Qi Ying were to confront Louise, she would be withered like a flower. She was too fragile.On the contrary, Mu Lan was Mu Feng's trustworthy sister. She could care less about Louise's feelings for Mu Feng.'Let's see how far this Pretty Miss can go.' Mu Lan's eyes filled with mischief as she made up a plan. She was going to have lots of fun in these two days of break from her classes.In two days without class, she was going to have some fun.Mu Lan smiled like a naughty kid in a playground.

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