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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 222: TOO BUSY TO TALK TO ANYONE

[Warning]Lu Feng touched her wet spot and asked Yan Su, "Do you want it?" His voice was husky and eyes were filled with lust.Yan Su replied with action. She circled her legs around Lu Feng's waist. Her hands were touching his muscled chest.Lu Feng didn't know if he should laugh or cry. 'In this situation, isn't a girl supposed to feel shy?' He thought. Lu Feng didn't think of anything anymore. He directly touched her soft spot.Yan Su's eyes opened wide. She shuddered at his touch and writhed in pleasure. A loud moan escaped from her mouth at the same time.Yan Su reached her hands to unbuckle Lu Feng's belt. However, her hands couldn't reach.Because Lu Feng held her waist up as he kneeled. He took off her black lace panties and put her legs on his shoulder.It was afternoon and the room was filled with sunlight.Lu Feng could clearly see her wet spot. He leaned his mouth and began to lick.Yan Su couldn't hold back her loud moans. Her legs trembled vigorously. Her body was going crazy at his touch.Lu Feng didn't slow down even though he saw that she was losing her consciousness.Finally, Yan Su gave a scream and panted heavily.Looking down at her, Lu Feng slowly unbuckled his belt and then, took off his pant and boxer.Yan Su was looking at him but her eyesight was vague and fuzzy. Lu Feng hugged Yan Su and asked her, "Are you sure you're okay with this? You won't regret it, will you?" Yan Su became a little clear-headed as she heard his questions. She cupped his handsome face and said, "What are you asking at a time like this? Do you still call yourself a man?" Her shivering made Lu Feng realize that she was nervous. Still, she was trying to take their activities to the end.Lu Feng kissed her right ear and whispered, "If we are going to do this further, from now on you are my woman. Don't forget it." Lu Feng entered her and gritted his teeth. 'So tight!' He thought.Yan Su's face twisted in pain and she opened her mouth to take oxygen. Her eyes brimmed with tears.Lu Feng bent down and gave her light kisses on her lips. He said in a hoarse voice, "Relax your body. Or else I can't enter you. You'll get hurt." Yan Su heard half of his words, other half went over her head. Slowly her body relaxed and Lu Feng began to move. Yan Su wailed in pain. She felt that something scratched her viciously down there. She cried out.Lu Feng kissed her lips to stop her loud cry.After Yan Su's second climax, he didn't hold himself back. The more intense his movements were, the louder her moans were."I c-can not take it anymore." Realizing that Lu Feng had no interest in stopping their activities anytime soon, Yan Su said in a soft voice.Lu Feng looked down at her and asked, "Where did your mighty strength go?" Yan Su bit her lower lip and blurted out, "Pervert!" Lu Feng's eyes narrowed dangerously. Instantly, he moved her over him and said, "Perverts do this type of stuff. If you want pleasure then move your waist."Yan Su almost wanted to strangle this guy to death. But she also wanted him badly. Therefore, she gritted her teeth and moved herself.------Three hours passed in a blink of an eye.Mu Lan wanted to meet her friend and went to the Lu Research Center.However, the moment she tried to knock the door, her right hand froze in the air. Immediately, she closed her eyes. She didn't want to see what was going on inside the room. But her ears were still open.Yan Su complained in a soft voice, "How many times do you plan to come inside me? Isn't it already fourth time?" Lu Feng's voice was hoarse as he replied, "Compensate me for the ten years of suffering I have gone through because of you." "Ahh ohh harder" Yan Su moaned loudly.Mu Lan lost the strength of her legs. She fell on the ground. Her face was beet red.Mu Lan closed her ears with her hands and took some deep breaths. Then she got up and unknown to the couple inside, she closed the door soundlessly.Mu Lan walked out of the research center and called Xue Lin."What is it?" Xue Lin answered. Mu Lan replied, "You don't have to give Lu Feng lesson anymore. Our plan succeeded. They made up."Xue Lin grinned and said, "Then we should congratulate them."Mu Lan said, "We don't have to hurry. They are too busy to talk to anyone right now."Xue Lin, "...." Then she hung up.Mu Lan went to the nearest cafe. She was having a chocolate sundae, just then someone asked, "Can I sit here?"Mu Lan glanced at the person.------Lu Feng was on the bed, looking at the white ceiling above him. His hands were caressing the smooth skin of the woman who was in his embrace, panting softly. His heart was singing.A few minutes later, Yan Su opened her mouth. "Lu Feng?" Lu Feng asked back, "What is it?" His tone was unusually soft.Yan Su hugged him tightly and didn't say anything for a couple of minutes. Lu Feng waited patiently.Then, Yan Su said, "I'm sorry that I hurt you back then." Her voice trembled as it was full of guilt.Lu Feng looked down at her. His eyes were full of disbelief.Yan Su that everyone knew was very proud and arrogant. Who could have thought that she carried guilt for ten years without anyone knowing?Lu Feng kissed her lips and said, "I'm sorry for hurting you too." Yan Su buried her face in his warm chest and closed her eyes.Afterward, she said, "Don't forget to give me the pills as you gave to Ying'er." Lu Feng smiled at her warning and said, "Let's get married." Yan Su froze in his arms in shock. The next second, she screamed, "What!?" Her scream echoed in the room.

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