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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 221: FULL OF TRICKS

[ Under 18 can skip today's chapter. Just wait for tomorrow. ]At Lu Research Center, Lu Feng headed to Yan Su's room to have lunch. He was carrying a large tray, full of delicious meal.Lu Feng looked at the sky through the window and saw that the sun was shining brightly. Within an instant, he felt refreshed.Lu Feng used his leg to open the door of Yan Su's room and entered. "What did you bring? It smells good." Yan Su said as she sniffed the air.Lu Feng smiled as he saw her adorable gesture. He replied, "I brought your favorite dishes. Let's have lunch together." Lu Feng put the tray down on the table and Yan Su who was watching TV immediately jumped out of the bed.She found out that Lu Feng brought nicoise salad, soupe l'oignon, beef bourguignon and flamiche. They were all the top dishes of France and were quite expensive.Yan Su looked at the man who did so much for her and in return, she had nearly hurt him to death. She could sense the feeling of guilt spread inside her heart.Lu Feng served the food and Yan Su dug in. The food inside her mouth tasted so delicious that she moaned."Umm. Hmm it's so good." Yan Su chewed the food and savoured the taste on her tongue. She glanced at Lu Feng who was silently eating and looking at her tenderly.Yan Su flushed slightly. In order to hide her embarrassment, she asked him, "How do you know about my favorite food?"Lu Feng answered her, "Did you forget about how you bragged about your favorite French dishes?" Yan Su scratched her head as she tried to remember. Then she shook her head negatively.Later, she mumbled, "Only perverts can recall something like this." Her face was slightly red.Lu Feng didn't answer her. Maybe he couldn't hear what she told.After they finished eating, Lu Feng got up and wiped his mouth in the washroom. When he came out, he saw Yan Su was already on the bed.He frowned and asked, "Don't you want to wipe your mouth?" Yan Su stretched her hands above her and in an alluring way she twisted her body. Then she answered, "Don't want to." Lu Feng exclaimed, "So dirty!"Yan Su bickered back, "Only perverts say something like that."Yan Su just finished the sentence and her lips were sealed by his. She was stunned by the sudden action but she overcame the surprise and kissed him back.Lu Feng nibbled and sucked her lips, earning a few moans from her. He shuddered and kissed her deeply.Yan Su was losing her mind. She suddenly remembered Mu Lan's advice. She had taken advantage of this situation.Yan Su circled her arms around Lu Feng and pulled him toward the bed. She opened her mouth to give him entrance.Yan Su's sudden behavior made Lu Feng's heart flutter. It wasn't his first time doing things like this. Unlike Mu Liang and Mu Feng, he had enough experience in romance. Still, his heart raced at her passionate kisses.Lu Feng wanted to withdraw before he lost control over the situation. However, he remembered Xue Lin's lesson. He had to grab the opportunity. Lu Feng had spent the entire morning in vain to decode the meaning behind Xu Lin's words. And now, he realised the actual meaning behind it.He had to grab the opportunity.[Warning]Lu Feng started to touch Yan Su. He felt that it wasn't enough. He groped her bosom and began to unbutton the shirt she was wearing.On Lu Feng's touch, Yan Su had butterflies in her tummy. Her body shivered as the cool air entered inside her shirt.Lu Feng took off her shirt with his experienced hand. Then, he felt her smooth skin on his palms. Immediately, he got addicted.Their lips were still locked. Lu Feng's fingers unlocked the hook of her black lace brasserie and groped her.Yan Su moaned a little louder and arched her back to get more of his touch.Lu Feng kissed her lips lightly and looked down at the woman who was panting loudly. His eyes were filled with love and lust.Yan Su trembled under his lustful gaze. She subconsciously stretched her right hand and touched his lower part which was already hard.Yan Su said in a lascivious voice, "Give it to me. I want it." Lu Feng hardened at her words. He lost his words.He leaned down and kissed her forehead, nose and then lips. Later, he kissed her left ear and asked, "Where did you learn this trick?" Yan Su smiled sweetly and replied, "I'm always full of tricks." Lu Feng agreed to that. He thought, "Yes, she has tricks. And that's why I'm deeply and madly in love with her for all these years.'Lu Feng's kisses ran down to her breasts leaving behind his mark all the while. Then he took a mouthful, earning a loud moan from her.Yan Su's mind was already flying. Her heart was pounding so fast that she thought it would rip out of her rib cage at any moment.Her hands hastily went to Lu Feng's shirt and started to unbutton. Lu Feng smiled down at her and kissed the corner of her left eye.He pinched her nipples and Yan Su writhed under him. Her hands clutched his shirt. Lu Feng momentarily stopped and helped her to take off his medical coat and shirt. Then, he went back to caressing her breasts again.Yan Su felt hot all over her body. Her moans echoed in the room. She felt an unknown urge taking over her as she rubbed her thighs. Yan Su wanted to unbuckle his belt, but her hands were trembling too much.Lu Feng understood her hesitation. But he couldn't help but tease her. He slowly took off her pajamas and spread her legs.Yan Su didn't feel shy at his action. Moreover, she spread her legs wider to give him better access. On seeing that her black lace panties was a little wet, Lu Feng's eyes darkened.He touched on the wet spot and asked Yan Su, "Do you want it?" His voice was husky and eyes full of lust.

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