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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 220: JUST THINK OF OUR WEDDING DAY

Mu Liang was in the meeting with his employees in Germany.That moment, his cell phone chimed. He checked his mobile.Hugo sent some pictures to Mu Liang. They were clear photos.Mu Liang saw Mu Lan's radiant appearance and his eyes became dark instantly. He saw that Mu Lan was in his office room and she was looking around. Her simple glance made his heart melt.He ordered his Assistant Ju Long to continue the meeting and he went out of the conference room. Then he called Mu Lan.------Mu Lan looked at her cell phone and saw that Mu Liang called her.For some reason, her heart leapt with joy. She answered the call immediately."Liang Liang!" She said cheerfully.Mu Lan didn't know that Mu Liang's lips stretched upwards hearing her sweet voice."What are you doing?" Mu Liang's deep voice echoed into her right ear."I'm looking around in your room. It would be better if you were here with me, then I would be able to see you working in your own office. I've never seen that before." Mu Lan said.When she said 'it would be better if you were here with me', Mu Liang had a strong urge to fly over, both literally and metaphorically and hug her.He said, "I'm coming back in a week. Then I'll take you there with me. You can see me as much as you want." His voice was deep, making Mu Lan blush.She said, "I cannot do that. It cannot go with you."Mu Liang's eyes narrowed. He asked, "Why?"Mu Lan answered, "If I do, people will find out about our relationship."Mu Liang was silent for a while. Then he asked, "Do you like it when people think of you Feng's girlfriend?" His voice was dangerously low. There was a hint of coldness.Mu Lan didn't catch his dark tone. She giggled and shook her head. "It's not like that. Just think of our wedding day. People will think that the bride was mistakenly changed. Just think of what types of faces they will all make."Just then she realized what just she said.'Just think of our wedding day.'The sentence echoed in Mu Liang's ears and his heart. He could feel birds was chirping. He could smell the scent of honey and flowers.Mu Lan blushed in shame. 'What a blabbermouth! How could I say something so shameless?' She thought and wanted to dig a hole to bury her head and hide away in.To save herself, she hurriedly said, "Ah, Liang Liang, you must be very busy right now. I'm hanging up then. Take care. Bye bye." She hung up.'Aaaah! I'm so embarrassed.' She screamed in her mind.Mu Lan spent the rest of her time in the office playing Car Race 4-99. She had completed level one hundred in no time.At lunchtime, Mu Feng took her to the office cafeteria. Everyone looking at them enviously. Female employees were envious that their second master was taken, and male employees were envious because their second boss got himself such an attractive girlfriend.Both Mu Feng and Mu Lan had vegetable pasta and lemonade. After finishing their lunch, Mu Feng showed her the IT Department and Online Game Department. Mu Lan showed a great interest in both departments. Finally she saw Mu Feng was looking at his watch. Understanding that he was busy, she excused herself. She told Mu Feng that she wanted to visit Yan Su in the Lu Research Center.Mu Feng sent Hugo to drive Mu Lan to the research center.Mu Lan went to the VIP floor catching everyone's attention. She saw that the door to Yan Su's room was slightly open. She smiled and went to knock the door but her hand froze in the air.

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