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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 22: OFFICIALLY MU LAN

Hello my Beloved Readers, did you know the full name of Disney Mulan?

her full name is Hua Mulan!!!!

I know right? I was Surprised by me discovery too. I just found it two days ago and I was very excited.

I wanted to share with you guys as soon as possible but today is perfect to share with you because its Friday!!

Have fun!!


Mu brothers didn't pressure her anymore and Mu Liang promised her that she would be enrolled in Pierre and Marie Curie University (UPMC) and she could study there in Arts and Arts Studies.

After the dinner, Mu Liang introduced her to all the servants of the household. It wasn't easy to remember everyone's name because there were twenty maids and butlers including Head Butler Leo and cook Eva.

Mu Liang assigned two maids for Hua Lan and they were Alice Roy and Emma Lopez. They were very friendly and reliable and Hua Lan liked them on first glance.

Before Mu Feng went to sleep he wished good luck to Hua Lan and he expressed his thoughts that he would eagerly wait to call her sister-in-law. He also promised to buy a souvenir from Switzerland. Though he had more to talk but he couldn't continue because he was dragged his elder brother by the collar.

Hua Lan smiled and bid them both good night. That night she had a wonderful dream. She was little and was playing in a flower garden. She was with her parents and they were laughing together. The sun was brightly shining and her little world was perfect. When she woke up in the morning she realized that her eyes were wet by the tears. Even after waking up she was still crying and she was in daze. She didn't want to wake up from the dream. But her heart was content with satisfaction.

It had been four days that she woke up from the coma but today was the first time she was in at peace.

Mu Feng went out early in the morning by their private plane.

Mu Liang ordered his assistant Ju Long to register her in the Mu Family as his wife. Assistant Ju Long

didn't seem surprise and inwardly he felt relaxed and happy for his boss. Because all this time he was keeping an eye on Hua Lan by Mu Liang's order. He saw his boss's pained expression every time he mentioned Hua Lan with the guy she liked. But his only worry was what would happen if Hua Lan remember her past.

So Ju Long asked his boss, "Boss, if Miss Lan remember her past...."

Mu Liang was looking at some documents in drawing room waiting for Hua Lan to come down and to have breakfast together. Hearing his assistant first he frowned then looked at Ju Long and lifting up his right eye brow he said, "What? You don't believe in your boss's capability?"

Ju Long, "..."

He had nothing else to say.

When Hua Lan came down she was already a Mu and everyone treated her as young mistress of the house. She was first startle by Head Butler Leo addressing her that way and then her face became a red ball.

Mu Ling slightly smiled seeing her reaction and they went to dining room together.

Mu Liang didn't plan to go to office so Ju Long had to take care of everything. Time to time he called his boss for the work progress and send some important document to the mansion.

Before he looked at the documents, Mu Liang called the Dean of Arts Faculty of Pierre and Marie Curie University and he asked him to come to Mu Mansion with necessary documents.

Mu Liang ordered Butler Leo to buy paintings and drawing books for Lan before lunch and then he went to his study room after glancing at Lan in the vegetable garden.

Within an hour the Dean, Mr. Andrew Smith came to Mu mansion. To able to have lunch with CEO Mu was a matter of great fortune. He was wondering who would be admitted in their university, more than that in his faculty.

Andrew Smith was talking to Mu Liang and as he showed the documents, Mu Lan entered the room. Seeing an elegant beautiful woman Andrew was taken aback.

Mu Liang introduced Mu Lan as his future wife. Mu Lan who still wasn't used to being 'wife' blushed and introduced he to Andrew respectfully.

Understanding that Future Madam Mu would be enrolled in their university Andrew was thrilled and within thirty minutes Mu Lan became a student of Pierre and Marie Curie University.


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