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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 218: I DID ENJOY IT

"No, not only that. He kissed me passionately in a public place. We were caught by a nurse." Yan Su blurted out everything she wanted to tell Mu Lan from the very beginning."Why didn't you tell sooner?" Mu Lan almost screamed with excitement. "I tried to tell you. But you couldn't understand what I was trying to say in the first place!" Yan Su exclaimed.Mu Lan was speechless.A moment later, she said, "How is this my fault? I'm not Xue Lin who can read minds. You have to tell me clearly what happened. Okay, tell me. Who kissed whom?" Yan Su told Mu Lan that she was strolling around the hospital and that Lu Feng checked her pulse and that she suddenly called him a 'pervert'.For calling him a pervert for no reason, Lu Feng punished Yan Su by kissing and touching her all over her body.Mu Lan cut off Yan Su. "Wait a minute. What do you mean by he touched you all over your body?"Yan Su's heart raced. She answered, "All over means all over. Don't ask too much!" Her face turned red with shame.Mu Lan hid her laughter and said, "Okay, continue."Yan Su completed her recollection of their steamy exchange and finally asked Mu Lan, "So what do you think?" Mu Lan thought for a moment, then said, "I'm working on an essay. I'll call you back." She hung up.Later, Mu Lan dialed Xue Lin's number.Xue Lin answered the call and said, "What is it?"Mu Lan directly asked, "Did you give Dr. Lu Feng any crazy ideas?"Xue Lin giggled a little and said, "Wow! Xiao Lan, you are doing good. As expected. Your IQ is really high."Mu Lan bit her lips. She knew it! When Yan Su told her about Lu Feng's sudden change of behavior, the first person she could think of was Xue Lin.Mu Lan smiled as she told Xue Lin, "You did a pretty good job. I'll help you to give more ideas to Dr. Lu Feng and Yan Su. By the way, Yan Su called me. She said that Dr. Lu Feng is a good kisser.""Cough! Cough! Cough!" Xue Lin coughed hard. She never wanted to learn these sorts of things even though she was the one who was pulling the strings."Ciao." Smiling, Mu Lan hung up. Then she called Yan Su. Immediately, Yan Su answered the call. "Have you completed the essay?" She asked eagerly. It seemed like she was looking for some company.Mu Lan answered, "Yes, I did. I also thought about Dr. Lu Feng's behavior.""So what do you think?" Yan Su asked eagerly. Mu Lan took a deep breath before she calmly said to Yan Su, "Look Yan Su, he is already in his thirties. He needs someone to help him to fulfill his desires. And judging by his actions, he must like you deeply. I mean, who loses themselves in a public place especially when he is such a gentleman? And moreover, even you wanted someone to kiss you and touch you. Don't tell me you hated his touch when he touched you all over."Yan Su instantly said, "I didn't feel bad. It gave me goosebumps though." Mu Lan said, "Exactly. It gave you that feeling because you liked it. It only means that you like him.""I don't like him at all!" Yan Su exclaimed.'That was fast!' Mu Lan thought. She bit her lips and said, "Okay, I understand that you don't like him. But you like what he did. Am I right?"Yan Su replied, "I did enjoy it."

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