Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 216: PERVERT!

The girl walked where Mu Feng and Louise were sitting.Mu Feng smiled broadly as he stood up and hugged that girl. Louise felt the pain in her heart. She felt as if someone had stabbed her in the heart. Her heart was bleeding and she was in immense pain.Later, Mu Feng introduced the girl to Louise. "Louise, this is Lan about whom you were talking. Dear, this is Louise. She is my school friend with whom Ju Long and I studied."Mu Lan said, "Oh, Assistant Ju Long! Hello Louise, it's a pleasure meeting you."Louise smiled and said, "Likewise."Throughout the time they were chatting, Louise's heart was burning. She smiled and talked but she was not at all in the mood. She acted well.-------The next day, the sun wasn't that bright and it was a gloomy day. Grey black clouds covered the sky. As the cold breeze blew in the room, Yan Su felt a chill down her body and it made her shiver. Yan Su jumped off the bed and closed the windows, She opened the door of her room and looked across the corridor.Lu Research Center was as busy as it was ever. The people in white dress were everywhere. Yan Su looked at the people with curiosity.The doctors were discussing about some medical research and the nurses were busy with their work. Everyone was working diligently. Even when they were talking, they lowered their voice. There wasn't any sound while people were walking in the corridor or while working. It was almost a pin drop silence. Yan Su admired Lu Feng's workplace. She strode in the corridor like everyone else and asked a nurse whispering, "Where is Dr. Lu Feng?"The nurse looked at Yan Su and noticed that she was wearing the patient's clothes. She looked at the door from where Yan Su had come. The nurse smiled at Yan Su and replied, "You must be Dr. Lu's relative. He took great care of you for the last two days. Dr. Lu is on the fifth floor. He is in the emergency operation centre. Do you want to go there?"Yan Su asked, "Which floor is this?"The nurse replied politely, "It is the thirty-sixth floor. This is the VIP section. Not many people can come here."Yan Su nodded as she understood. She thought, 'Oh, I see. That's why this floor is so quiet.'She told the nurse, "I want to go to the emergency operation section."The nurse pointed out in the north direction and said, "The capsule lift is that way, at the end of the corridor."Yan Su smiled and said, "Thank you."The nurse smiled in return and said, "I wish I could come with you personally but I am busy right now."Yan Su replied, "It's okay. Thank you for your time."The nurse said, "Oh, another thing. Do you have an ID card? Without it you won't have an access to use the elevator."Yan Su put her left hand on the pocket and found an ID card. She asked the nurse, "Is this what you are talking about?"The nurse nodded and bade Yan Su goodbye. 'People here are very courteous and nice.' Yan Su thought.She recalled the time when she was in their research center. It was nothing like this environment. Moreover, the people there only think about profit and nothing else. They were even rude with the lower status workers.However, here the environment was polar opposite. Everyone was polite and respectful to each other. It seemed that they really cared about their patients.'No wonder Lu Corporation is on the top in the medical field. As expected of Dr. Lu Feng.' A smile touched her lips.Soon she reached the fifth floor and found Lu Feng who was walking out of the operation room.Looking at Yan Su, Lu Feng came to her and asked, "What's wrong? Why are you here?" His gentle voice made Yan Su's heart race faster. Her face turned slightly red and said, "I was bored."Lu Feng checked her pulse and said, "I cannot accompany you. You can go wherever you want to. Just be careful." He stroked her hair.Yan Su flinched at his touch. To hide her embarrassment, she bickered, "Where do you think you are touching, you pervert?"Lu Feng was totally speechless.Yan Su's heart was beating so fast that she thought that her heart was about to leave her rib cage. Her face was beet red. She turned to the exit and made a 'hmf' sound with her closed mouth. Then she walked that way, completely disregarding Lu Feng.In instant, Lu Feng grabbed her right hand and pull her to him.Yan Su was stunned at the sudden attack. She could only let out a gasp.When Yan Su fell in his solid chest, Lu Feng pushed her in the wall.Yan Su could barely understand what was going on. She glared at him and wanted to yell at him. She said, "What is... mmf"Lu Feng forced his lips on her.Yan Su completely froze on the spot. Her head stopped working.Lu Feng kissed her deeply and then explored the inside of her mouth.Subconsciously, Yan Su kissed him back in the same passion. Her arms circled around him and let out a few moans."Hmm... mm... nnnh..." Her moans were filled with desire.Lu Feng felt her arms around him and she was kissing him back. It made him wanting her more. His hands traveled under her shirt and Yan Su's body shivered in his touch.Lu Feng groped her bosom and Yan Su let out a loud moan as she writhed against him.Their a few minuted make out abruptly stopped when they heard a crashing sound.Startled, both of them looked at the source of the sound.It was the nurse from thirty-sixth floor who helped Yan Su. Seeing them making out made her so shocked that the documents in her hands fell on the floor."I-I'm so-sorry. I-I'm leaving now." The nurse hurriedly took the papers and left.Both Lu Feng and Yan Su were panting heavily as their faces were red.Lu Feng moved away and said, "Now this is what a pervert does." He left with a filled heart. He heard a scream "Jerk!" and laughed a little.He recalled Xue Lin's lesson. "Yan Su always wants to do hottie stuffs. You can practice with her. She will definitely fall for you."

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