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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 215: WHERE IS YOUR GIRLFRIEND?

Qi Ying looked at his stoic friend in awe. She couldn't believe what her best friend had just told."Y-you sold your best friend, just for m-mint tea?" Qi Ying stammered.Xue Lin shrugged and said, "What is the harm? Lu Feng is a good guy. You missed his expression when he kicked that Richard who was taking advantage of her. Moreover, they both like each other. All they need is just a little push." Qi Ying's face flushed. She said, "Xiao Lin, you are too good."Xue Lin shook her head and complained, "I'm not. You guys have made me nosy."Qi Ying smiled and hugged her friend and then laughed.------Mu Feng was in a happy mood. He drove to a cafe which was across Louise's apartment. He waited for her inside the cafeteria. They had the best coffee in the city. It was Mu Feng's favourite.A blue Limited Edition Volkswagen R23 stopped beside Louise's apartment and a beautiful French girl got off the car. She was the famous interior designer, Louise Fontaine, Mu Feng's friend from school.Louise strode towards the cafe with her long white legs and as soon as she entered, her eyes caught Mu Feng's handsome face. Mu Feng was sitting in the corner watching the flower garden. The sunlight was kissing his face making him look extra gorgeous. Louise's eyes sparkled at the scene she watched. She came forward and tried to hug Mu Feng.Mu Feng jumped up in shock and moved away making Louise's smile freeze on her lips."Is this how you treat your friend?",she complained. Her blonde hair was shining in the sunlight.Mu Feng asked her back. "And what do you think you are doing? Hugging a man? I'm a man who has a family (wife). I don't want my wife to catch me in adultery."Louise sat on the chair across Mu Feng's while giving a teasing smile and said, "Oh, come on. What era are we living in? Your wife won't be that petty."Mu Feng said, "It's not she. I'm the one who doesn't want to make her insecure."Louise lifted her right eyebrow. She asked in surprise, "Is that so? Why is that?" She leaned towards Mu Feng and asked, "Is it because I'm so beautiful and is that the reason she would feel insecure?"Mu Feng let out a laugh. "Ahaha... You should have asked this question in front of my wife. She would be speechless." He imagined Qi Ying's blank face. Her expression was so cute that he was already missing her.Louise frowned as if she was upset because of his behaviour. She looked around and said, "I told you on the phone that I wanted to meet your beloved girlfriend in the cafe. Where is she? Her name is Lan, right?"Mu Feng was sweating a little and said, "Yes, she is coming in few minutes."Just then, "Sorry, I'm late." A girl said cheerfully.Louise looked at the front door and her eyes were stuck at the girl. The girl was in her twenties. Her height was average. Her skin was flawless with a pinkish white color. Her hair was dark brown like a hazel tree. She had a pair of clear black eyes. Her nose was slender. Her lips were rosy and thick. She had a slim figure. She was wearing blue jeans, a white sleeveless top with a pink sweater, and a pair of Sorel Caribou boots. She looked very attractive even though she hadn't worn any jewelry or makeup.The moment Louise looked at her, she knew that she had lost to her. Though she had seen Lan in Anne's birthday party, she couldn't take a proper look at her. Now in the broad daylight, Lan looked like a celestial being.She looked familiar to Louise.'Where have I seen her? Oh, I remember. She is the one I saw with Mu Feng in Anne's birthday party. She is Lan.', Louise thought.------Yesterday, in Mu Mansion, while the three of them were having breakfast, Louise had called Mu Feng.He answered the call. "Hello, Louise... What? You are back?"Louise answered, "Yes, I am back and found out that you have got yourself a girlfriend."Mu Feng laughed and said nothing.Louise continued, "Hey, I'm free tomorrow, let's meet. Tell Long to come with you. It's been a while since we have hung out together."Mu Feng scratched his head and said, "Long cannot join us. He is going to Germany tomorrow."Louise hid her smile and thought, 'Of course I know that.'However, she sighed and said, "Too bad. Then you can come and meet me in the Maison Souquet."Mu Feng's right eyebrow rose up. Maison Souquet was one of the top romantic hotels in France.Mu Feng had never dared to take Qi Ying in there. And why should he agree to Louise's request?Mu Feng smiled politely and said, "Louise, there is a problem. I would be busy in the office tomorrow." "Then how about today evening? In the evening, you must be free, right?" Louise cut him off immediately.Mu Feng replied, "I have a date with my girlfriend in the evening."Louise, "...."Mu Feng offered, "How about we both go out on a date? I will meet you at thirty minutes past three at the cafe across your apartment. Oh, and I will bring my girlfriend with me."Louise unwillingly said, "Fine. I will be waiting." She hung up.However, Qi Ying was busy in the hospital. She was with Xue Lin and Yan Su.Mu Feng was in dilemma. He mumbled, "If I go alone, Louise will definitely drag me to a romantic hotel, I'm sure of it."Mu Lan said, "I have nothing to do in this evening. I will accompany you and pretend as your girlfriend. It'll be so much fun at your wedding when she'll discover that I'm not your bride. I definitely would not want to miss that expression on her face then."Before Mu Liang could reject the offer, Mu Feng jumped in front of Mu Lan and said, "Sister Lan Lan, you are the best of the best."Mu Lan giggled.Seeing her happy face, Mu Liang only smiled and said nothing.

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