Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 214: YOU ARE BACK!

"Take her to the hospital, make her kneel down in front of Lu Feng's room without sleep nor food, after he wakes up. I'll consider it." Mu Liang said coldly.Mr. Zhen was dumbfounded at his request. He could not say a word. He only then realized how ruthless Mu Liang was to those who hurt his close ones.Soon, Mr. Zhen went to his mansion and requested Yan Su to do as Mu Liang told. A proud and arrogant girl like Yan Su, who was pampered from the day she was born, refused to do so. No one could make her kneel in front of Lu Feng's hospital room.Two days later, Lu Feng's condition became a little better after the fever went down. He was sent to his family villa.That time, Zhen Corporation almost became bankrupt. Afterwards Yan Su's elder brother gave her a picture which was sent by Mu Liang.Yan Su looked at it and saw a pale boy who was lying on the hospital bed. He was being supported by a oxygen mask. The boy was none other than Lu Feng.On the back side of the photo was written in red marker, 'Apologize'.A single word made Yan Su shiver. That day, for the first time she experienced fear.The next day, Yan Su went to the Lu Family villa and knelt down on the lawn. Lu Family wanted to let her stay inside the villa but Mu Liang stopped them.Mrs. Lu was clearly upset with Yan Su, however, she wasn't hostile to her. Mrs. Lu was a wise woman and she tried to forgive this fifteen years old wild girl. She regularly sent food to Yan Su. She ordered the servant to set an umbrella for her so that she didn't get wet.Yan Su's heart was filled with guilt for the first time and tears welled up in her eyes. She knelt day and night without rest for twenty days. Until, she collapsed.When she woke up, she was in the guest house of the Lu Family villa. She looked around and her eyes grew bigger as she saw who was sitting next to her.Lu Feng was still pale and weak. Still he was guarding her. He was thinking, 'If she needed anything.'Yan Su opened her mouth, "Why.." But her voice was choked. She almost cried.Lu Feng smiled weakly and said, "Wild or polite, whatever you are, you are you. That won't change. And I love you just the way you are."He stood up and said, "You shouldn't have done that. You caught a fever you know. Your family must be worried. I already woke up, so you don't have to kneel down anymore. I ordered the chauffeur to take you wherever you want to go." Then he left the room.Yan Su wasn't listening to his last words. In her ears, Lu Feng's voice was ringing, ""Wild or polite, whatever you are, you are you. That won't change. And I love you just the way you are."However Lu Feng didn't know that his two sentences had made Yan Su change forever and fall in love with him unconsciously.-"So since that day, you guys are still after each other's throats." Xue Lin commented as she sipped on the mint tea.Lu Feng sighed heavily and said, "Maybe confessing to her was the biggest mistake I had made in my life."Xue Lin shook her head and said, "I don't think so. I think it was for the best. She learnt a good lesson and became a good person." She caressed her cheek and mumbled, "I never imagined that Xiao Lan's husband was that good. She is lucky to have him."Lu Feng heard her and sighed. He said, "They are lucky."Xue Lin said, "So are you."Lu Feng smiled at her and said, "I never had the chance to thank you for yesterday." He said.Xue Lin looked at him as she remembered something. She said, "Oh! Right. If you want to thank me, send me your mint tea to me every month. I like it very much."Lu Feng was dumbfounded. "Er"Xue Lin looked at him and asked, "You created this herbal mint tea, right?" Lu Feng was perplexed. He meekly asked, "How do you.." His voice trailed off.Xue Lin pointed out of his balcony and replied, "I saw your small garden.""But every month." Lu Feng mumbled. 'Isn't it too much to give her my creation every month?' He thought.Xue Lin could read him clearly. He was like an open book to her.'Mint tea is expensive. I can get it freely from him.' She thought."I will help you make Yan Su fall in love with you." Xue Lin tried to negotiate. She liked the mint tea and she wanted to have it."Deal." Lu Feng immediately said.This was how Xue Lin sold one of her closest friends for special mint tea.-Mu Feng went to the Mu Mansion at noon and was praised by his elder brother. Mu Feng felt like he was flying in the air.The three of them had lunch together while they conversed at the same time.Mu Liang said, "Xiao Lan will stay at home for a couple of days. She will go back to campus when everything calms down. I will go to Germany to check out our branch office. Feng, take care of Xiao Lan."Mu Feng saluted and said, "Absolutely."Afterwards, he looked at Mu Lan and said, "Sister Lan Lan, we will visit our workplace, okay? You will love big brother's office." Mu Lan looked at Mu Liang and asked, "May I?" Mu Liang stopped eating when she asked him. He bent down a little and kissed her cheek. Then said, "Of course."Mu Lan's face immediately turned red.Mu Feng looked at the couple with a pitiful gaze and thought of Qi Ying. He sighed and shook his head.Just then, Mu Feng's cell phone rang.He answered the call, "Hello, Louise... What? You are back!"

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