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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 213: YOUR SHINING KNIGHT

Qi Ying and Xue Lin came to the Lu Research center. They saw Yan Su was sitting on the bed and watching television.Before they could ask anything, Yan Su exclaimed, "Guys! What happened at the party?"Qi Ying shook her head and replied, "We left after you did. We don't know anything. I called Feng, but he didn't reply.Oh, another thing, you sent a kicking emoji to Feng from my mobile. He said that he wanted to have a match with you."Yan Su coughed hard. "Cough! Cough! I understand."Xue Lin looked around and asked, "Where is your shining knight?"Yan Su frowned at her. She asked, "What are you talking about?"Xue Lin said, "It is normal that you don't remember but this is what happened." Then, she told her two friends that how Yan Su's got drunk and then how Richard tried to take advantages of her. However, Lu Feng came to rescue Yan Su and kicked Richard in a place where he can never act like a man in his life again and took her away in front of everyone who was present.Yan Su took two minutes to understand the whole thing. She stuttered, "I-is that right." Her voice trailed off.Xue Lin nodded and replied, "You have no idea how scary he was at that time." She looked at a random magazine and said, "He let you stay in one of the best rooms. He even called us at night, so that we don't have to worry. He really cares about you."Xue Lin got up and said, "I want to look around. You can take rest." Afterward, she left the room.Xue Lin walked in the corridor and went to the last room. Later, she knocked the room."Come in." Lu Feng said from inside in a calm tone.Xue Lin entered the room, "Excuse my intrusion."Lu Feng looked at the glasses girl and exclaimed, "Oh! It's you!""How is she?" Xue Lin asked straightforwardly. Without permission, she sat on a chair.Lu Feng had already got used to her behavior. He smiled and said, "She is better than last night. Still, there is some drug is left in her stomach. After it is all gone, she will be ready to leave."Xue Lin nodded. After that she said, "She looks comfortable staying here. Most of the time, she doesn't like boring places."Lu Feng gave a sad smile and said, "That I know." He offered her a cup of mint tea and he sipped his own cup."Why didn't you tell her last night's event?" Xue Lin asked after she sipped the mint tea and felt refreshed.'Hmm, it's good.' She thought.Lu Feng was quiet for a few seconds. Then he said, "I have started to consider you as my friend, Ms. Lin. Let me tell you a story. It is about my childhood.."------According to Lu Feng and Yan Su's history, little Lu Feng liked Yan Su since childhood. With friends, they would play together.Ten years ago, when she turned fifteen, Lu Feng proposed her. Yan Su asked for a match between her and Lu Feng.As a scholar, Lu Feng wasn't good at fighting. Therefore, he lost to Yan Su within a few moves.However, his humiliation didn't end there. Yan Su played with him even after that and beat him to make him nearly faint. Yan Su rejected him after she had done her playing."Who do you think you are? You dare to confess to me when you are my family rival? You stupid boy who only knows how to read. How can you protect your woman, if you are so weak? And you still call yourself a man?" She laughed aloud.That day, Lu Feng had no energy left in him to get up. In the rain, he was still in Zhen Villa's lawn.At night, Mu Liang and Mu Feng flew away from Italy. Watching the bloody body of their childhood friend, their hearts were filled with rage.Mu Liang carefully carried injured Lu Feng. He was merely breathing and had a high fever.That moment, Yan Su came to look at her 'prey' and saw her two cousins.Mu Liang, in those days, maintained a low key and thus, no one was afraid of him. And so was YanSu.She bickered at them and asked for a match. She was out of control and no one could manage her.Mu Feng's eyes were as vicious as a snake's eyes. That was the first time, he laid his hand on a girl. If she was a boy, he would beat her up to death. He held himself back and in one minute, Yan Su was lost. She could not believe it. She accused Mu Feng of cheating and asked for another match.Slap!Mu Feng's slap made Yan Su fall on the ground. Her cheek was cut by the sudden force and bled. Yan Su's two brothers, her parents, bodyguards, no one dared to stop Mu Feng. They had tried to send Lu Feng to the hospital long ago, but Yan Su didn't let them. She felt like power was everything in the world. Mu Feng grabbed her hair and pulled her close to him. He warned her coldly, "I dare you to hurt people like this way again. Our family doesn't need an unmanageable animal. If you want to act like an animal, then listen to your master."Then he threw her on the ground.The two brothers took their friend out of the place by helicopter and send him to the research center. When he was admitted, Mu Liang took out all the money which were invested in Zhen Corporation. When Zhen Corporation was close to bankruptcy, Mr. Zhen went to Italy to complain.Elder Lu threw a slap on him and said, "Childish act? You made your daughter a wild creature and you dare to complain? In which way do you think it is a child play? How can a normal human girl beat her childhood friend to death? Get lost! If I was Mu Feng, I would have killed my cousin."It was the first time Elder Lu took Mu Feng's side.Mr. Zhen had no choice to go to Mu Liang in the hospital."Bring her to the hospital, make her kneel down in front of Lu Feng's room without sleep or food, until he wakes up. I'll consider then." Mu Liang said coldly.

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