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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 212: CURSE THAT MU FENG!

Mu Liang woke up earlier than Mu Lan. He looked at the sleeping beauty on his chest. His heart melted right away.Mu Lan was sleeping soundly. A sweet smile was hanging on her lips as though she was dreaming. The fatigue of the last night was long gone. Her pale skin turned pink after getting warmth from Mu Liang.Mu Liang leaned down to kiss her forehead. Then he checked his cell phone. His eyes immediately turned cold.Mu Feng send him some links of today's top news. It was about Anne. Those, who were invited to Anne's birthday party and had 'some fun' with her, uploaded a few videos and those videos went viral.The videos tarnished Anne's reputation as well as her family. Now the banks withdrew their money and the shareholders were selling the shares of the business of the Donne family. The Donne family went bankrupt.The fifty years of reputation of the art business of Donne family was completely destroyed by Anne in a single night.Mu Feng filled in the details of the morning news to Mu Liang. Anne's parents rushed at dawn after the videos were uploaded. They found out the horrible truth which gave Mr. Donne a heart attack and he was sent to the hospital. However, he died the moment he reached there.Mrs. Donne who lost her husband and the business, fled with her husband's best friend.Anne's brother fled to the US and was now hiding from the media.Anne was kicked out from her mansion by the bank. The house will be auctioned soon. She couldn't take a single coin with her and left with a simple dress and a pair of sandals. Anne went to an infamous nightclub manager who took her in.Mu Liang glanced at the clock. It was just half past eleven. Everything happened in such a short time because of the strings pulled by Mu Feng all night.Mu Feng's plan for the last night was to insult her in front of everyone by exposing her real face.That's why, he brought Mu Lan with him and let Mu Liang hide for a while. His initial plan was to make Anne a little drunk so that she could lose herself a little.Then Mu Liang would come and she would confess to him and would get a flat rejection. And when Anne would charge at Mu Lan, Mu Feng would protect his sister-in-law and his friends would make some videos and would make it viral. In the end, Anne would lose her face.Such a simple plan went upside down, when Anne brought a drink for Mu Lan. Mu Feng swapped the glasses and made Anne drink her own medicine.This way, Mu Feng's plan worked perfectly without him doing anything.Mu Liang sighed as he looked at his woman.'I will not let anyone harm you.' He promised.Later, he sent a text to Mu Feng.'Find out who gave that woman the aphrodisiac.'That woman was obviously Anne. Mu Feng sent a text immediately.'Big brother, it was sent by Anne's new boyfriend. His identity is still unknown. Anne's friend found out that Anne's boyfriend wanted Anne to have it which means that he was not aware of Anne's plan.'Mu Liang frowned. 'Is it that simple?' He wondered.Just then, Mu Lan moved and looked at him with her sleepy eyes.In an instant Mu Liang's heart was filled with warmth.------When Mu Lan asked him, "What happened to Anne?" Mu Liang was at loss of words. He hugged her tightly and said, "You don't have to know."Mu Lan trembled in his arms and asked, "Isn't it a bit too much? She didn't deserve all those sufferings."Mu Liang helplessly looked at his pure heartened wife. He asked, "If Feng or me weren't there with you and you were drugged by her, you would be in her place right now."Mu Lan shuddered vigorously and a chill ran down her spine. 'If it was me...' She couldn't think anymore.Mu Liang hugged her tightly and said, "She brought this upon herself. Don't feel sorry for her. She deserved it."Mu Lan circled her arms around him, clenched his nightshirt and buried her face on his warm chest.Mu Liang stroked her hair for a few minutes. Then to remove this heavy atmosphere, he said, "Let's take a bath together.""No!" Mu Lan screamed.------Yan Su woke up with a headache. She frowned and with her eyes narrowed she looked around.'Where am I?' She wondered as she saw an unfamiliar place.She looked at the white ceiling, white curtains. A smell of medicine hit her nose.Yan Su who had never been to a hospital in her life, could not recognize the place."Good morning." A familiar voice spoke up.Yan Su looked at Lu Feng who was wearing a white coat and he had some documents in his hand."Where am I?" Yan Su asked him directly.Lu Feng looked at her for a few seconds, then replied, "At my research center."Yan Su frowned while asking, "Why?"Lu Feng didn't reply. He simply checked her pulse, wrote something on the documents. Afterwards, he injected a medicine.Yan Su winched in sharp pain. Still, she noticed, Lu Feng's gentle behavior. He didn't retort at her like last time.Lu Feng asked, "Can you remember what happened last night?"Yan Su tried to recall. However, she couldn't remember anything after she got drunk. "I cannot." She answered.Lu Feng said, "Just take some rest. Your friends are coming soon to spend some time with you."Yan Su asked, "Spend some time? Can't I leave?"Lu Feng said, "Not until the drug is completely gone from your body." Yan Su asked in shock, "Drug? What drug?"Lu Feng replied patiently, "Last night you were drugged by your boyfriend."Yan Su was dumbfounded. 'Boyfriend? What boyfriend?' She thought in her mind.Lu Feng lightly lectured her, "Don't randomly choose a boyfriend, just because I teased you. Find a real man next time." His heart felt heavy as he said it.Yan Su said, "I don't have a boyfriend." She said it in a 'oh-so-innocent' way.It was Lu Feng's time to be dumbfounded.'Curse that Mu Feng!' He retorted in his head.

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