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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 211: THE OWNER OF THE CAR

It was a cold night. The Limited Edition Volkwagen R23 was being driven on the Rue de Rivolli road in Paris.The night was awake as the stars were brightly shining. On the right side of the road were Louvre, Cite Palais de Justice and Notre Dame. They had an ancient, illuminating golden hue, giving a royal vibe to the surroundings. They were the pride of France, standing all high and mighty in the middle of the night.However, the exceptional grandeur of the buildings failed to catch the attention of the owner of the car. The owner's mind was filled with the incidents of Anne's birthday. Anne offended Mu Feng's precious woman. So, Mu Feng took a revenge on her. On her birthday, Anne dared to harm his girlfriend. So he swapped the glasses and made Anne drink her own medicine. Then what followed, anyone could guess it.The owner of this Limited Edition car shivered on remembering the scene after Mu Feng left the place with his precious girlfriend. The whole mansion filled with Anne's moan and screams of ecstasy. Most of the girls didn't dare to stay.No one was there to save Anne tonight. Her parents were out of the country, the servants had left just before the party began, their capable grey-eyed guard was fired by Anne's stupid brother, and Anne's stupid brother was quite drunk and was fooling around with his best friend's girlfriend. In that case how could he have saved his sister?'Her name is Lan. I'll remember it.' The owner of the car thought as he sped away.------Mu Lan woke up as the sunlight hit her eyes. She slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes immediately fell on the man who was laying beneath her.Mu Liang was trying to change her sleeping habit and now she was getting used to sleeping on his chest.Mu Lan saw that Mu Liang was looking at his cell phone. His expression was cold. His facial expression changed instantly when the sleeping beauty looked at him with her transparent eyes.'Ah, what a way to start a day!' He thought and prayed that his life would be like this every day.Mu Liang smiled at her and tenderly said with a deep voice, "Good morning."Mu Lan smiled at him and replied, "Good morning."Mu Liang stroked her hazel-tree colored hair gently and asked, "Did you sleep well?"Mu Lan recalled last night. Last night, she was feeling unwell and she knew that she could not sleep alone. However, she could not even remember when the last time she slept alone in the Mu Mansion. Mu Liang had laid down beside her and coaxed her to fall asleep. He stroked her hair until her heart calmed down. Even then she woke up twice after having nightmares. But, Mu Liang hugged her closer to his chest and made her fall asleep.Mu Lan looked at his eyes and said, "I slept well. How about you?"Looking at her guilty face, Mu Liang pretended like he was tired. He said, "I slept a little. Don't worry. A few minutes of sleep won't kill me."He specially emphasized the words 'few minutes'. Mu Lan's face became pale as she felt sad. She opened her mouth but couldn't utter a single word.Her pitiful face made Mu Liang's heart ache. He said, "You made me so tired. Now it's time for you to compensate"His deep voice and dark eyes made Mu Lan shiver. For some reason, her heart was racing."H-how?" Mu Lan asked timidly.All of a sudden, her world turned upside down as Mu Liang got on the top of her. "Kissing you." His voice was husky."Mmm." Mu Lan's lips were covered with his warm lips.Soon, Mu Liang's tongue invaded her mouth and danced around hers."Hmm huh" Mu Lan moaned and the kiss became deeper.Mu Liang's hands slipped inside her silk night gown and touched her smooth skin. Mu Lan trembled on his touch. Her body writhed against him.She panted as she said, "Liang Liang. not there." A warm feeling spread throughout her bodyMu Liang left her lips. Their lips were parted and a thin thread of saliva was connected to each other's tongues.Mu Liang looked down at Mu Lan's red face, moist eyes, parted lips, disheveled hair and loose dress, overall an alluring woman.He leaned down to kiss her ear and said, "Where should I not touch you? Hmm? Here?" He nibbled her ear."Ahh!" Mu Lan wanted to move away, but she was held by Mu Liang."Or here?" Mu Liang's voice was huskier than before as he rubbed his hands on her breasts."Liang. Li ang, wait!... I cannot oh!" Mu Lan couldn't control her voice. Mu Liang's lips went down to her nape. He licked there and asked, "Cannot what?" He could feel his lower side was reacting."Hmm Li.. ang!" Mu lan arched her back as she was pinched on her left nipple. Her whole body shuddered.Mu Liang thought he had done enough to tease her. If he did something more, she might never come home. However, he was really pleased today. The way Mu Lan responded to him, nearly made him to have her.Mu Liang looked at the girl who was sweating and panting. Her eyes were not focused. He lightly kissed her forehead, then temples, followed by her cheeks, then her nose, later her lips. The kiss became passionate within a second.When Mu Liang realized that Mu Lan was struggling for oxygen, then he left her swollen lips. He laid down on the bed and took her on his chest.Mu Lan simply laid there and panted softly.Mu Liang caressed her back and head, calming her down.Mu Lan wanted to talk but her throat was dry. Realizing her situation, he held her back with his left hand and got up slightly. Later, he reached out to the glass with his right hand and slowly made her drink some water. When Mu Lan finished drinking the whole glass of water, Mu Liang wiped her mouth.Mu Lan looked at the gentle Mu Liang and asked him, "What happened to Anne?"

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