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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 210: SLEEP WITH YOU

Mu Lan was already pale due to Anne's weird acting. She glanced at Anne when she screamed. Looking at a naked woman running towards her, she felt nauseated. Her body turned cold and she trembled slightly.Mu Feng protected Mu Lan while covering her from Anne and signaled some of his friends from school who were present at the party. They were clearly enjoying the scene. As Mu Feng signaled to them, two of the men came forward and held her hands.One of them said, "That's enough Miss. Please behave yourself. We are all your (invited) guest. Why are you disrespecting your guests like this?"If it had been in a different situation, Anne would have told, "Sc*ew you!"However, at this moment, Anne was completely nuts. The body parts where the two men touched her were hot and burning. She panted continuously and rubbed her thighs.Anne looked at the men seductively. Her eyes were full of lust and were craving for those men's touch. She moaned and said, "I-I want you. T-take me."The two men, who were grabbing her hands, were not Mu Liang. They were face playboys of the city. On hearing her words, their faces had turned red.Mu Feng told them that they were going to have fun. However, they did not know that it would turn out like this. One of them licked his dry lips and said, "Miss, I think you should call off the party and take some rest."As if Anne could hear what he was saying. She was running out of patience. She once again said, "Baby, take me." One of the guys who was making the video said, "Why are you guys being so modest? If she wants you to take her, then take her. If you don't want to then just leave her to us."That man's friends agreed as well.Looking at all of them who were having fun, Mu Feng quietly took Mu Lan off from the sight.In the parking lot, Mu Liang was waiting for them beside his car. He looked at Mu Lan who was looking pale. He immediately walked towards her.Mu Feng smiled brightly and said, "Mission success! Thanks to you, big brother."Mu Liang only said, "Hmm." Then he took off his grey coat and put it on Mu Lan's shoulder.Mu Lan looked at him as she trembled slightly.Looking at her pale face, Mu Liang asked in a soft tone, "Are you alright?"Mu Lan simply nodded and said nothing else. But her face was still looking pale.Mu Liang hugged her lightly and took her inside the car leaving Mu Feng alone. As Mu Lan was in Mu Liang's arms and her head on his right shoulder, within a second she felt worst.Ronald asked his boss, "Shall I drive to the campus?"Mu Liang said succinctly, "To the mansion. Drive slowly."Mu Feng screamed from outside, "I helped your Darling Wife. Is this how you treat me?"He felt wronged by these two young people. He sighed and called his girlfriend."Hello?" Qi Ying answered."Wifey, you are talking to me? I'm so glad. Please don't send those kicking emojis again. I cannot take it anymore. I feel like I am left behind alone." Mu Feng complained.Qi Ying was stunned. She asked, "What are you talking about? What kicking emojis?"Mu Feng said, "The one you sent me a week ago."Qi Ying said, "Let me check." After a minute of silence, she said, "It wasn't me who sent it. It was Yan Su."Mu Feng, ".." After a while he said, "Just Tell Yan Su that I will have a match with her tomorrow.""She is not here." Qi Ying said.Mu Feng frowned, "What do you mean?"Qi Ying answered, "Doctor Lu Feng called. He said that he was taking her to the research center."Mu Feng was stunned. 'At last he made a move.' He thought.-----Mu Liang hugged the woman who wasn't feeling well. He ordered Ronald to turn off the air cooler and to open the windows.Later, he said, "Don't worry, we will reach home soon."Mu Lan nodded in response. She felt good and as the cold wind caressed her face. She took a deep breath. However, she could not forget Anne's naked body and her screams in front of everyone.Her body trembled again as she buried her face in Mu Liang's arm.Mu Liang kissed her forehead and patted her head tenderly.Mu Lan inhaled his manly scent and immediately she felt slightly better. To further feel his warmth, she circled her arms around his thin waist.Mu Liang smiled at her spoiling attitude. He gently pulled her closer.Love was in the air. Even Ronald felt the warmth in this cold weather as his face turned red.It would usually take an hour to reach the destination. But today it took two hours. Yet, Mu Liang felt it was a very short journey. However, Ronald was losing his mind. When they reached the gate of the mansion, he sighed in relief and thought, 'Thank goodness! At last we reached!'Mu Liang carried Mu Lan inside the house who was comfortably hugging him."Welcome home Young- "This time, Butler Leo not only lost his words, but also forgot to bow.Mu Liang didn't mind at all. He went upstairs and put her down. He then asked, "Do you want something to drink?"Mu Lan looked at him and said, "I want to take a bath first."Mu Liang smiled and said, "Let's go."Mu Lan's face turned red immediately. She started to push Mu Liang away.Mu Liang gave out a slight laughter as his eyes shone in the dark night. Then he pulled her to him and kissed her lips."Hmm" Mu Lan was taken aback, but soon her head went blank.After Mu Lan got breathless, Mu Liang left her swollen lips. His hoarse voice said, "Go and take a bath. I'll bring you a glass of water."Mu Lan, who was panting lightly, nodded and slowly went to the bathroom.When she came out, Mu Liang had already taken bath and brought a glass of water for her. Mu Lan drank the whole glass and looked at Mu Liang."Are you going to.." Her voice trailed off."Sleep with you." Mu Liang finished her sentence.

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