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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 21: PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE

Seeing Mu Liang and Hua Lan entering the dining room Mu Feng complained, "You two are late! I'm starving here!"

It was basically Hua Lan's fault so she quickly apologized, "I'm sorry Brother Feng."

Mu Feng didn't correct her saying 'call me Feng Feng' this time. Hua Lan was relived.

Mu Liang said in his normal deep voice, "We were having an important discussion."

Saying that he sat on the chair and a maid started to serve food.

He couldn't stay quiet when his wife was apologizing. It felt worse than he imagined.

Mu Feng sighed, 'Stop with your PDA! I feel like my stomach is suddenly full.'

Then he got curious all of a sudden and looked at both of them as he started eating his favorite spring roll.

"We decided to get married after six months."


As Mu Liang spilled the beans half of the spring roll fell on the plate from Mu Feng's mouth.


Mu Feng's eyes were about to come out from the sockets. He couldn't believe his ears. He forgot to breathe, let alone chewing the food inside his mouth.

Then he accusingly looked at Hua Lan.

'Just in the morning you said 'no'! There must be some reason behind it. Did brother make her say 'yes'? Though he practically wants to devour her at once, isn't he into a slow relationship? Though he losses all his patience when it comes to her, but big brother, you really shouldn't move so fast. What about your motto, patience is a virtue? This is treachery!'

Mu Feng asked to Hua Lan, "Do you want family registry first or wedding?"

"Registry. I want to get admitted to a college as soon as possible. I'm fully recovered and don't want to sit around." Hua Lan said firmly while trying ma po tofu. 'Umm, this is so good!'

"I'll arrange your admission to a college where you can study Computer Science." Then Mu Liang looked left where she was sitting and seeing her almost empty rice bowl he served her some rice.

'Big brother, what about me? Please stop with your PDA. I can't take it anymore.' Mu Feng cried and lack of tears.

"Why Computer Science? It's boring! I don't want this subject." Hua Lan complained.

Mu Liang and Mu Feng abruptly stopped eating and looked at her.

Mu Feng asked, "You hate Computer Science?" In his eyes disbelief was written.

"Yes, it boring." Hua Lan said nodded.

"Are you sure of your choice?" This time Mu Liang asked to confirm what he just heard.

"Absolutely positive."

Seeing her firm reply Mu Liang and Mu Feng looked at each other.

'Did her choices change because of brain damage?' Both brothers were thinking the same.

"Sister Lan, what is your favorite food?" Mu Feng asked to confirm if her choices really changed or not.

"Sweet soar pork and chicken ramen." Hua Lan replied happily.

"Favorite color?"

"Baby pink and lavender."

"Favorite past time activities?"

"Drawing! I love drawing! And archery. I love gardening too! Brother Feng, why are you asking all this all of a sudden?"

"No reason. Just wanted to know what you like. We don't know you much right?"

Seeing nothing changed Mu Feng was really confused. And so was MU Liang.

She was the top student in her department after all.

"Then what do you want to study?" Mu Liang asked this time.

"Visual Arts." Hua Lan's eyes sparkled when she answered.

Mu Liang, "......"

Mu Feng, "........"

After a moment of pin drop silence, Mu Liang wanted to confirm if he just heard right.

"You said Visual Arts?"

"Yes! I like this subject the most!" Her eyes gleamed.

Both brother got lost in their thoughts.

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