Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 209: TRUTH SERUM

Hearing Mu Feng's question, Anne asked, "What do you mean?"Anne was panting loudly right now. Though she could see Mu Feng, however, it was very vague.Mu Lan whispered in Mu Feng's ear, "Did you give her the truth serum?""There is no such thing. It is an aphrodisiac and I didn't give it to her, she was the one who wanted to give it to you." Mu Feng also whispered back."But I saw you swapping the glass and you gave it to her. In a way, you gave it to her." For some reason, Mu Lan was having fun.Before Mu Feng could open his mouth, someone said, "What's going on?" The voice was deep and cold.As Anne looked at the handsome man, in an instant her eyes were filled with desire. 'He is here! He is here!' She was overjoyed with lust."Oh, my darling!"------Mu Liang was standing in a corner with Qi Ying. As per Mu Feng's plan, he was waiting in the dark corner. He quietly stood in the dark as he sipped red wine. His eyes were dark and cold.Qi Ying couldn't help but shiver lightly.Mu Liang narrowed his eyes as he saw her reaction. However, he didn't say anything. He believed that he should only be kind to his woman, not anyone else.At the end, Qi Ying could not take anymore and timidly excused herself. Before leaving, she texted her boyfriend that she was going to wait for him at the car parking. As she was walking towards the car parking she got startled to find Xue Lin with a handsome fellow."X-Xue Lin, how." Her voice trailed off. Qi Ying wanted to ask, 'Xue Lin, how did you get a boyfriend?' However, she couldn't. Her mouth was open, but her voice betrayed her.Xue Lin could read her friend's eyes. She immediately said, "It's not what you think. To save me he lost his job. He is sending him me home. Are you coming with me or are you staying back?" She did not say any more.Qi Ying immediately nodded. She didn't forget to send her boyfriend a text so that he would not worry.------While Mu Liang lazily stood in the dark, he suddenly received a text message.He looked at the screen and saw, a text from Mu Feng.'Come forth, big brother.'Mu Liang's face twisted reading such a dramatic text.He slowly walked to the food table where everyone were present. He frowned at the sight of Mu Lan who was whispering to Mu Feng and then saw Anne panting who was on the verge to strip herself.Mu Liang asked coldly, "What's going on?"Anne looked at him. Her eyes were full of lust, thus making Mu Liang's frown deeper.'Aphrodisiac?' He thought.Anne stretched her arms and came closer to Mu Liang, "Oh, my darling!"Mu Liang twisted his face with disgust and tried to move away, so that he would not be touched.Due to the aphrodisiac effect, Anne was feeling ecstatic. She seductively said, "Darling, I-I love you. You are the only one for me. You are so handsome. I want you." Mu Feng whispered to Mu Lan, "You maybe right. It is a truth serum."Many men at the party gulped down there their saliva. However, Mu Liang and Mu Feng were unaffected. Especially Mu Liang. His eyes were as cold as the Himalayas and as dark as the bottom of a burnt pot.Mu Liang didn't even bother to look at her. He took out his cell phone and texted Mu Lan, 'Shall we go?'Mu Lan checked her cell phone which chimed. She smiled after reading his text. Mu Lan replied, 'I will be at the parking lot once it ends.'When Anne saw that Mu Lang didn't give her any attention, she didn't care anymore. She saw no one except him. In spite of this, he didn't care.Anne started to take off her heels. Then, she unzipped her low cut dress. People whistled around her. But she didn't notice them. To her, only the handsome guy in front of her could excite her one who excited her was only the handsome guy in front of her. Anne's lips were parted, panting softly. Her eyes were moist. Her face was flushed. Slowly, she took out her dress. Mu Liang, not even once, looked at Anne. He was tapping his cell phone. Right now, he was texting Hugo. Hugo was at his office working with the Intelligence Force. After getting receiving the text, he went to the IT team to take care of the birthday videos. Mu Liang instructed Hugo that there shouldn't be any video of Mu Lan, Mu Feng then him, except Anne.Hugo felt sorry for Anne who was going to get to a huge blow.Meanwhile, as Anne took off the last shred of her clothing. She was now as naked as she was when she was born. In the winter, she didn't feel cold, rather, she was feeling hotter. Anne panted heavily as she said to Mu Liang, "Darling, I lo-ove you. Can't you see? Why don't you look at me baby? I want you to love me back. You are so handsome! I want your body. Baby, come to me."Mu Liang didn't bother to say a word to her. After he finished texting, he went closer to where Mu Feng and Mu Lan were standing. He put down the wine glass and got out of this place. He acted like Anne didn't even exist.Anne, who was rejected, cried out. She screamed as she asked, "Why won't you look at me? I'm seducing you. I'm trying to love you. Can you really not see that? It is all her fault, isn't it? It is she who seduced you first and took you away from me, isn't it? Shameless bi*ch! Where are you? Come here!"Anne looked around and found Mu Lan hiding behind Mu Feng. Mu Lan was too ashamed to look at the naked girl in front of everyone. Anne cursed loudly, "Bi*ch!" And then ran crazily towards Mu Lan. Mu Lan was already pale due to Anne's weird acting. She glanced at Anne when she screamed. Looking at a naked woman running towards her, she felt nauseated. Her body turned cold and she trembled slightly.

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