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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 208: ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT?

"Cheers!" Both Mu Lan and Anne Donne said together and downed the whole glass of wine.Later, Anne began to talk to Mu Lan about many things and she kept glancing at her wrist watch. She was getting both excited and impatient at the same time.'Why is this bi*** still acting like she isn't feeling anything?' Anne frowned as she wondered.Honestly, Mu Lan was feeling just fine.While the two were talking, Anne started to feel hot all of a sudden. She started to feel amorous. Her blood was boiling. She was feeling dizzy. Her eyes became red as she glared at Mu Lan and asked, "What did you do to me?"Actually, Mu Lan felt strange on seeing her reaction and wanted to ask that what was wrong with her. But instead, Anne was the one who asked her first.Mu Lan answered innocently, "What did I do? What can I do? I am just talking to you"Anne shook her head as she wanted to shake off her dizziness. She said, "N-no, which glass of wine did you give me?"Mu Lan was stunned. She said, "Anne, my friend, have you forgotten that you are the one who offered me the wine? I did not give you anything."Anne's glass fell from her grasp and shuttered on the ground. Hearing the sudden 'crash; sound, people curiously looked at them. Anne's face was bright red. She was panting heavily. She was in no mood to talk to Mu Lan. Her head wasn't working either.Mu Feng caught Mu Lan by her arm and pulled her behind him. He took out his cell phone and tapped some buttons and put it back in his pocket.Anne said, "I I wan ted to dru.. g y- you B-but why am I t-the one. get ting all drugged and drunk?"Her words were clearly heard by the people around them. They were astounded by her words.Drug? She wanted to drug Lan in her own birthday?People started whispering amongst themselves. Some even began to video the whole thing.Mu Lan asked from behind Mu Feng, "Why did you want to drug me?"Anne laughed loudly. "Ahahahahaha What is she saying? Drug you? Why? Because you took my spotlight!"Huh? What spotlight?Anne screamed as she continued talking, "Everyone loved me. They always paid attention to me. They always said that I was the most beautiful girl of our class.... But the moment you came, they all gave you attention. When you weren't around, they were worried about your health. The boys said that you are pretty. Y-you took my spotlight."The students of Fine Arts who were still there began to whisper."What the hell is that?""Spotlight? Does she have that heroine syndrome?""So the rumors were true?""She is jealous of our Lan.""She cannot even win against Qi Ying. How can she win against Lan?"Anne did not pay heed to their conversation or banter or whispers. She further said, "Y-you ev en snatched that m-man away from me. You two kissed. I-I saw that."Snatched? Man? Kiss? What's going on here?Everyone listened to her words attentively. They got a chance to know some juicy stories.This time Mu Feng said coolly, "Are you talking about me? Why can't I kiss my own girlfriend?"Oh? It was him? So Anne wanted to have Lan's boyfriend? He is none other than Mu Feng from the Legendary Mu Family? Anne is so dead. People around them thought.Anne shook her head negatively. She said, "N-no. Not.. you."Huh?So Lan was a cheat?She cheated Mu Feng!Mu Feng laughed coldly. He said, "Are you sure about that?"

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