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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 204: I AM DOING MY JOB

Xue Lin bumped into someone. "Well, well, what do we have here?" A playful tone said. 'Danger!' Xue Lin's instinct said. She rubbed her nose which was aching. She looked calmly at the man and said with a poker face, "I'm sorry." Then she tried to leave. She saw three men. She remembered that they were Richard's friends. 'Are they here for.' Xue Lin realized that these men were here to share the fun of enjoying Yan Su with Richard. Because they were heading in the direction where Yan Su and Richard were a few seconds ago. Her eyes dangerously flashed as she felt disgusted. She wanted to leave but one of them blocked her way. Xue Lin was a small and skinny girl who looks vulnerable all the time. Without her big glasses, she looked absolutely childish. "Aren't you the model student of our school?" The one with curly hairs asked in surprise. He was the one blocking her way. 'So, they are from our school.' Xue Lin thought. She looked around to find Qi Ying and Mu Lan, but because of her height and also for those tall boys who were gathered around her, she was unable to do so. "Really? She is so cute." The long-haired boy said. He looked at her from top to bottom. "Why don't we see if this model student of our school tastes good or not?" The plain-haired man said as he licked his lips. Xue Lin shivered in fright. "My experience says that she wouldn't be delicious." The long-haired boy said as he grabbed her skinny right hand and pulled her to him. Xue Lin panicked but tried to calm her heart. She remembered that Lu Feng kicked Richard at that point. 'I could give it a try.' She thought. Just the way she thought, she really kicked that long-haired boy with all her might. The sudden attack made the long-haired boy lose her hand due to extreme pain and he nearly fell down. The other two were absolutely dumbfounded by the sudden turn of the event. Who could have thought that such a tiny girl had so much strength? Finding an opportunity to flee, Xue Lin didn't waste her time. She ran as fast as she could. But the curly haired boy was faster than she was. He grabbed her dress from behind and pulled her back. "You hold your name by your actions, model student. But this ends now." He said. Splash! The smile of the curly-haired boy vanished in a flash as his head and face were soaked with red wine. Xue Lin who was straggling also froze and looked at the brave person. But before she could, she was strongly held by that person and she smelt a familiar perfume. 'That night at the bar. Grey eyes!' Xue Lin was drunk, but she could still remember the smell of the kingly man and his beautiful grey eyes. They were imprinted in her mind. "I'm sorry. But she cannot have fun with you." The mysterious man said in a cold tone. His perfect grey eyes were narrowed. The curly haired man was furious. "You! A watchdog! Go do your job!" Xue Lin looked at her rescuer's uniform. 'He is a guard of this mansion?' She wondered. The man gave a chilling smile and said, "I AM doing my job." The plain-haired said, "You are asking for a beating." He growled and tried to hit him. The mysterious man said in Xue Lin's left ear, "Please hold a little longer." His warm breaths made Xue Lin shiver. The grey-eyed man moved away with her in reflex. Then kicked his butt, as the plain-haired boy fell with a thud. The curly-haired dialed a number and called Anne's brother. Ruddy Donne, who had the same age as Anne showed up and started to bicker at the grey-eyed man. Ruddy almost hit him with a rod, in an instant, Xue Lin came forward and covered the mysterious rescuer of her. "If you want to hurt him because he saved me from those perverts, you have to go through me." Her eyes were as sharp as a knife, making Ruddy's heart tremble in fear. When Ruddy realized that he couldn't hurt her, he looked at the grey-eyed and said, "You are fired!" Then he left. Xue Lin looked back and asked her rescuer, "Are you alright?" her voice was soft. The mysterious man was awed by her sudden protective nature. Hearing her question, he smiled and said, "That should be my question. Don't you think so? Xue Lin apologized as she bowed, "I'm sorry. Because of me, you lost your job. Though you are more fitted to be a ruler." The grey-eyed man's eyebrow rose and he said, "Don't worry about me. I had done what I intended to do. You are not safe alone. Shall I take you to your home?" Looking at his eyes, she knew that she could trust him. So, she nodded and said, "I'll be in your care."

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