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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 203: KISSING? HUH? KISSING?

Yan Su put a beautiful smile and left elegantly to join her escort, Richard. Though she had a smile on her lips, her heart was burning in rage.'Kissing? Huh? Kissing? I'll show you what a kiss is. Hmf.' She rolled her eyes subconsciously.She was so into the scene she encountered a few minutes ago that she could not notice that she was behaving strangely.Richard looked at her suspiciously. He circled his left arm around her waist and asked, "Are you okay?" His eyes were glittering.Yan Su was feeling a little hot. She said, "I.. I want to to breathe some fresh air." Her head was dizzy and she was sweating.'How odd! Why am I feeling so uncomfortable?' She wondered as she was panting slightly."Let me take you to the garden." Richard gently said as he pulled her toward the back of the building.Yan Su felt the cold breeze and felt a bit well. But her heart was still beating loudly. A red hue began to form on her cheeks.Richard took her to the dark corner and his back touched the cold wall. He hugged Yan Su and caressed her body.Yan Su gave a sigh.Hearing that, his breath became irregular. He put his lips on her right ear and whispered, "Yan Su darling, you are so beautiful. I'm so in love with you."Afterward, Richard kissed her lightly on the lips. When he didn't get any rejection from her part and also when she lightly kissed him back, his kiss became wilder and wilder.Yan Su was feeling hot. November's cold breeze didn't cool her down at all. Suddenly, she was hugged and someone began to caress her body in a perverted manner.If she was sober, she would twist that man's hand and would break it off. But she was toxic. She liked the touch. She wanted it for a long time. She gave a sigh.The man said something to her. Did she just hear 'I love you'? She felt joy in her heart. When he kissed her, she was delighted as she kissed him back.Soon the kiss became wilder and Richard's hands began to touch all over her, she playfully rubbed herself on his body. He groped her bosom and played with them. He was rewarded with a moan.Richard became more engrossed as he skillfully pulled her dress' zipper down and his mouth touched her cleavage and it went lower with each passing minute.He pushed her towards the wall and pulled her dress up. He licked his lips as he looked down at her greedily.The moment Richard stretched his hand down there, someone pulled him out strongly and kicked his groin.------Lu Feng was feeling good after Yan Su's sudden outburst. Feeling happy, he excused himself from Lora and went to the table to have some food. He started conversing with Xue Lin and thanked her.A few minutes later, Xue Lin frowned and Lu Feng glanced at the direction she was looking at. He saw that Richard was taking Yan Su towards the garden.Lu Feng scoffed as he thought that she was deliberately trying to provoke him. However, he became serious as soon as he saw her flushed face.Lu Feng excused himself and walked behind them. In the dark, he almost lost them. Suddenly hearing moans, he ran immediately following the sound.When he saw Yan Su half naked, his blood boiled in anger and he kicked Richard.Getting a hard kick in the groin, Richard was seeing stars and he groaned and fell down.Lu Feng checked Yan Su's pulse and found it unusually faster. He took care of her clothes and carried her out in front of everyone.Xue Lin was peeping towards the dark corner as she was worried. Watching that her friend was safe, she was relieved and moved away.However, she was bumped into someone.

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