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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 201: JEALOUSY AND CURIOSITY

Yan Su looked around and saw Mu Liang with Qi Ying. She blinked. 'Did I see wrongly?' She wondered. Yan Su could not think of any reason for Mu Liang to escort his would-be sister-in-law.She glanced over at Mu Lan who was with Mu Feng. She found it very suspicious. Yan Su walked to Mu Feng to ask him what was going on. Just then, she noticed Lu Feng. She felt delighted. She grabbed her escort Richard and pulled him toward Lu Feng. "Lu Feng, what a pleasant surprise!" She smiled generously. Lu Feng's eyes narrowed watching this couple.'So, Mu Feng was correct. She actually came with this playboy. How can she have such a bad taste?' He thought.Last night, Mu Feng called Lu Feng and told him that Yan Su was dating Richard. Hearing such news, Lu Feng directly asked for an invitation to join Anne's birthday party. What he didn't know was that it was all a part of Yan Su's plan. Yan Su deliberately told her friends about her partnership with Richard. Just as she thought, Mu Lan was concerned, which made the soft-hearted person Qi Ying talk to her boyfriend about it. Her mischievous boyfriend, Mu Feng, made up a story that Yan Su was dating Richard and told Lu Feng to make him lose his mind.Yan Su could not believe that her plan actually worked. She planned on thanking Xue Lin after the plan would be succeeded. After all, Xue Lin helped her describing everyone's character. "Can I talk to you privately?" Lu Feng asked Yan Su. He tried to be as polite as he could. Yan Su smiled brightly as she asked back. "Can't you see that I'm with Richard?" Then she pulled her escort to a group of people who were Richard's friends. For some reason, Lu Feng was irritated by her action. He went to Mu Liang. Mu Liang breathed a sigh of relief to be able to see a familiar face and began to talk to his friend. "Why are you here?" Mu Liang asked. Lu Feng was frustrated as he asked back. "Why do you think?"Mu Liang found it amusing and said, "If you want attention, draw her with the same way you are drawn.""You mean.. I understand." Lu Feng looked around and found Xue Lin, who was busy looking at the table full of pastries.He went to Xue Lin and said, "Hello miss, I'm Lu Feng, a friend of-"He was cut off. "I know who you are. I saw you in our campus cafeteria with Xiao Ying and Xiao Lan." Xue Lin saw him the day after when Qi Ying was molested.Lu Feng didn't know what to say. Xue Lin asked, "What brings you to me?""I just wanted to talk to you." Lu Feng smiled lightly."What's the point of lying to me? If you want someone's attention, can't you do it in a manly way?" Xue Lin looked at his eyes.Lu Feng was sweating. He found her really scary.'How does she know?' He wondered.Lu Feng gathered some courage and said, "Can you help me?"Hearing the question Xue Lin smiled a little. She glanced at Yan Su and said, "It is not that hard to grab the attention of Yan Su." She looked at him and continued, "Try to flirt with a perverted girl, she will be blown away by anger."Afterward, Xue Lin went over to the table and started to eat pastry.Lu Feng looked at her in awe. He didn't realize that a girl looked at them with eyes full of jealousy and a man looked at them curiously.

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